NFL kneeling, fists in air, hiding in locker except during black national anthem


The all-black Howard University choir sang the Black national anthem before the Washington – Eagles Football game and it will be played before every game. The players and coaches, everyone tied to the teams, stood respectfully for this fake and divisive anthem. Reportedly, for the real national anthem, Washington stood and the Eagles hid in the locker room.

This is blatant racism, divisiveness, and segregation. They are honoring the Marxist hate group, Black Lives Matter.

Diversity is not our strength, unity is!

Some raised the Black Power/Commie fist:

They did this only hours after a man tried to assassinate two sheriff’s deputies in cold blood. There was not one word of support for the police who they have mindlessly abused. The police brutality can’t compare to the antifa and BLM brutality they honor.

Now, try and tell me this isn’t about supporting Marxism and trashing the USA.

THERE IS ONE national anthem!


On a good note:



  1. I’m certain none of these spoiled brat players would sacrifice ANYTHING for our country. They simply spit in any and ALL veterans faces.

  2. Stop watching thug sports on TV and stop attending these racist-promoting college and pro games. It’s that simple, people! The only reason they broadcast football games on TV is that you keep watching them. STOP WATCHING SPORTS OR STOP COMPLAINING!

  3. The players career is short, and the money will drain away quickly. They have never thought about being 50 or 60. When they start crying about their Social Security check being so small, my spirit will chuckle.

  4. $ystemic Millionaire$? No thanks. Time is too short for childish things.
    Getting ready for a societal meltdown and collapse?
    Sportsball won’t be on the menu.

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