NHL Goes WOKE! Claims Trans Women Are Women, Trans Men Are Men


The NHL has gone WOKE. The corporate radicals in the executive suites found another sport they want to ruin. They tweeted that trans women are women and trans men are men.

They are flat-earthers who deny science.

As a woman, I am angry that the corporate suits in these various leagues are erasing what it means to be a woman.

These fake women compete in female sports, exploiting their natural biological ability, and show up in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

It’s not right.

Men can’t become women by changing their appearance, and that’s a fact. Pretty soon, the Left will drop the term trans, and they will simply be called women. The same goes for trans men.

The NHL is bowing to the radical, insane religion of WOKE. They are promoting transgender ideology. What does this have to do with hockey?

NHL fans are usually more conservative, so why do this?

They will also look at players and other employees to add diversity. So, when can we expect the NBA and NFL to do the same?

The country has gone mad, and now the NHL is signing up to the madness.

They’re also supporting transgender games. Eighty people participated.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

The behavior of woke leftists, the way they think are all symptoms of serious mental problems.

When a person believes that men can have periods,

that men can breast feed,

that men can get pregnant,

when someone is so disconnected from reality that they want to be called they or them ( as if they were royalty demanding we call them your highness)

one is so delusional that in saner times, like say 30 or 40 or even 100years ago, they would have been put in a padded room.

Woke leftism is an important symptom of serious mental problems.

I am not saying this in jest,
I am not saying this as an insult, and even though I am not a doctor, my father had a doctorate in psychology and had a great career, and all my life I have learned a lot about psychology, and I am serious when I say that woke leftism is a serious symptom of mental problems.

The most dangerous epidemic humanity is facing is not from the covid, it is from the woke leftism mental disease that is spreading like a virus.

People who are so insane that they are 100% convinced a 4 year old can chose its gender and who are 100% convinced that 12 year olds should have their genitals surgically removed are not just different, or quirky, or weird, or unusual, they are dangerously mentally deranged.

and those mentally deranged woke leftists would not hesitate to beat up – with a stick or even a brick – people like me just for disagreeing with them.

They would beat me unconscious while accusing me of being violent for saying men are men and females are females…they are THAT mentally deranged.

They are the people who want to make it illegal to have a non-leftist non-woke opinion.

Woke leftists are why we have the violence of Antifa, why we have the Billions of dollars stolen by the woke leftists at FTX.

Woke leftists are destroying the culture, the economy and everything in between

Woke leftists are destroying Western Civilization

Woke leftists are dangerous.

1 year ago

What we are seeing is modern society becoming so complicated that most people with an IQ of less than 120 can’t keep up. Their delusional behavior is something of a defense against a total overload and a mental breakdown. And yes, they are dangerous because so many turn violent. I remember reading a book back in the 1970s that basically said that by 2000 the World would be too complicated for 80% of the population. Today it’s more like 90%, people consume technology and information without any understanding of it’s source or design so they are easily manipulated.

1 year ago

This is what happens when you get hit in the head too many times with a Hockey Puck.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Fans do not have the principles to do the right thing. It’s true in all sports. This mirrors how the general population behaves. The average NHL fan does not follow events. They are captive customers. Even if they know about this, they will ignore it.

Player unions are in cahoots with management to support woke policies.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Although these freaks could use a good lesson from the Hanson brothers (Slap Shot).