Nikki Haley Trashes Trump on SNL for Some Reason


Nikki Haley was campaigning for the enemy on SNL, and it wasn’t funny at all, as one might expect. It hasn’t been funny for more decades than I can remember. Democrats watch it.

Unsurprisingly, Haley has more in common with Democrats than she does Republicans. I don’t see Trump supporters voting for her – she has no path to victory. Yet, here she is on SNL.

You will never hear her complain about the media calling Trump ‘Adolf Hitler.’ She will vigorously support any war abroad.


We got to see who she is in real life when, in a November interview, she demanded that social media companies “verify every single person on their outlet, and I want it by name.” She claimed that people posting anonymously are a “national security threat.”

Rand Paul was so concerned by her comments that he created the Never Haley website. As he said, the Founding Fathers had to publish anonymously to avoid arrest.  It’s part of our American heritage to speak safely and use whatever name we choose.

Haley said people must stand by what they say. As hate speech laws come about, people are being sued and arrested for their free speech. It’s not American.

Speaking of hate speech laws. In October of last year, she said during a TV interview, “There should be freedom of speech, but you don’t get the freedom of hate.” Her views mimic the UN’s – the dictator’s club.

Hate speech laws are 100% subjective, and we’d end up like Britain, where people saying prayers in front of abortion clinics are imprisoned. It would be up to whoever is in office to decide what hate speech laws are, and they’d be politicized. You could see whoever is in office determining that the other person’s political speech is hate speech.

She will pick big government whenever there’s a choice between big government and limited government. She wants to secure schools the same way we secure our airports, insinuating that we’d have a TSA for schools.

As the governor, she forced all teen girls to get the HPV vaccine, and it was a brand new vaccine. She did not give an opt-out provision for parents. That alone is a deal killer.


Her knowledge of American history is legendary. She couldn’t explain why the Civil War was fought at a rally. She asked the questioner what he thought it was. As expected, he said he wasn’t running for president. She also made some embarrassing gaffes about the Revolutionary War.

After she says something that bombs, she denies it, even if a video is available. She’ll say the opposite if it doesn’t play well in the press.

For example, She opened a Press Club speech by saying, “I would not have been elected governor of South Carolina if our state was a racially intolerant place. And I would not have won the Republican primary if we were a racially intolerant party.”

But then, in January of this year, she sold out the entire state of South Carolina as racist. “We were the only Indian family in our small southern town,” the Republican said. “I was teased every day for being brown. So, anyone that wants to question it can go back and look at what I’ve said on how hard it was to grow up in the deep South as a brown girl.”

She’s not much of a brown girl, and it’s hard to believe that even happened. Nikki and her parents aren’t very brown.

Nikki Haley tries to be everything to all politicians and parties and is nothing to all. She also lies a lot.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
17 days ago

She’s not in the race to become the GOP nominee. She’s in the race to taunt and troll Pres. Trump. She’s a fake, phony, and fraud.

17 days ago

Niki is the same as Harris although Harris can afford a pole to swing round. Niki just crawls on her belly.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
17 days ago

She appears on a leftist comedy show to trash her party’s nominee. She is part of a long list of betrayers.