NJ health department shutters Atilis Gym after defiant owners fight for the right to open


The New Jersey gym that became a rallying point of resistance against Gov. Phil Murphy’s draconian stay-at-home orders was closed overnight by the state health department.

The Atilis Gym in Bellmawr gained national attention after reopening this week, and its owners had vowed to stay open despite local police handing them $2,000 citations on two consecutive days for violating Murphy’s executive order.

A red embargo sign from the Camden County Division of Environmental health was slapped on the front door of Atilis Gym in the middle of the night along with a notice from the state Department of Health that the facility would be shuttered until further notice.

The state does not believe Atilis Gym or any business can “set their own divergent health measures, done without the approval of the State and its health officials,” the four-page notice reads.

And we know that the Bill of Rights is above Governor Phil Murphy’s paygrade.

The notice, signed by New Jersey health Commissioner Judith Persichilli, said indoor gyms and fitness centers present “particularly high-risk settings for the spread of COVID-19.”

Gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti followed all the social distancing and sanitation rules.

Judge Napolitano called them American heroes.



  1. It all happens because of The Rockefellers Fundation, Gates, NIAID with Fauci’s direct involvement in moving the research to Wuhan lab. This way they’re able to let China take the hit when this orchestrated evil plan takes place. Diversion and destabilization is nothing new for the ones with a Satanist Agenda.
    I feel for the people trying to open their businesses like the gym in this case.
    They want you poor and misinformed, the same principle aplied when growing mushrooms – FEED THEM S.H.I.T AND KEEP THEM IN THE DARK.

    A vaccine isn’t the answer and let’s keep in mind that a previous corona vaccine had catastrophic effect:

    “The first [coronavirus outbreak] was a natural epidemic that had moved from bats to human beings. The second two were lab-created organisms where people were experimenting with the coronavirus … That’s noncontroversial. Everybody accepts that. The Chinese, the Americans, the Europeans all got together and said, ‘We need to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.’

    Around 2012, they had about 30 vaccines that looked promising. They took the four best of those and … manufactured the vaccines. They gave those vaccines to ferrets, which are the closest analogy when you’re looking at lung infections in human beings.

    The ferrets had an extraordinarily good antibody response, and that is the metric by which FDA licenses vaccines. Vaccines, as you know, are never tested in the field. They never give 5,000 people the vaccine, 5,000 people a placebo vaccine, and then tell them to go out and live life and watch what happens to those people. That never happens.

    The way that vaccines get licensed is that FDA gives people a vaccine or the industry gives them the vaccines, and then they do a serological response [test to] see ‘Did you develop in your blood antibodies to that target virus?’ The ferrets developed very strong antibodies, so they thought, ‘We hit the jackpot.’ All four of these vaccines … worked like a charm.

    Then something terrible happened. Those ferrets were then exposed to the wild virus, and they all died. [They developed] inflammation in all their organs, their lungs stopped functioning and they died.”


    • As you know, our Constitution is the basis for all law in the US and the Bill of Rights are stated rights all Americans have, whether God given as most of us do or just rights that we have and acknowledged by the government. These rights are not so much to protect us from each other but rather to protect us from overreach by the government. The problem here is the government is in charge of administering our rights and protecting them. These rights are absolute and cannot be modified or restricted at any time. If we allow that to happen our rights will become government granted privileges instead of rights and can be modified or suspended at anytime at the whims of the current politicians. What all this means, everyday Americans like Ian Smith, Frank Trumbetti, Shelley Luther, Karl Manke and others like them are heroes on the front lines in the fight for our rights. What is frightening is if the little Hitlers in government don’t back down there will be civil uprising against these tyrants and it will be justified. It is up to DOJ to file suits and judges to file injunctions to put a stop to this now or there will be trouble and it won’t be pretty.

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