No charges for 3 BLM who tried to derail a train, killing hundreds


Three Black Lives Matter rioters dragged steel barricades onto train tracks to derail a train and kill hundreds. On his first day in office, the new DA George Gascon dropped all charges against the three and fired his ADA.

There was plenty of evidence from videotape, witnesses, and their own statements.

FoxLA reports: A veteran prosecutor of the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office is accusing D.A. George Gascón of retaliation and playing politics after he says he was reprimanded and punitively transferred for questioning Gascon’s order to drop a case against three anti-police protesters who were charged with attempting to wreck a train.

Doyle has been a prosecutor in the L.A. County DA’s office for the past 34 years and had no blemishes in his personnel file until last December when Gascón ruled him insubordinate his first week in office.

This DA Gascon literally ruined San Francisco. He needs to be recalled.

Gascon won with funding via George Soros. Gascon is the person who convinced Soros to buy DA races to transform our justice system.

You won’t believe the corruption if you watch this:

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