No developed nation has voting rules as lax as the USA


Dr. John Lott spoke with Jim Bohannon on his show to discuss voting security. He has looked extensively at voting regulations in Europe and other developed nations.

Of 47 European countries, 46 demand photo ID to vote in person. The exception is the UK but Johnson has legislation to change that.

There is no state in the US that has rules as stringent as those in Europe. Europe learned the hard way.

Three-quarters of the European countries ban absentee ballots. Another 20% demand photo ID for the ballot. Some have additional restrictions. They don’t accept a person’s word for it as in the United States.

Europe requires voters to certify that they are who they are simply to pick up absentee ballots.

This is true of governments whether they are socialist or democratic, conservative or liberal.

After Northern Ireland implemented photo ID rules to vote, there was an 11% drop in voters in Northern Ireland. It is believed they weren’t real voters. Sinn Fein actually admitted they had drivers who drove the same voters around to different voting places to vote. They created fake IDs and even gave people disguises.

Mexico, back in 1991, imposed very strict regulations to stop fraudulent voting. It turns out that the long-time president admitted in his bio that his party stole the election into the 80s. Mexico responded by completely ending absentee balloting. They have biometric IDs in Mexico. They won’t send ballots through the mail. They had a 20% increase in voter participation because legitimate voters felt their vote was worth more.


A database on voting rules worldwide compiled by the Crime Prevention Research Center, which Dr. Lott runs, shows that election integrity measures are widely accepted globally, and have often been adopted by countries after they’ve experienced fraud under looser voting regimes.

The things that Democrats are most worried about are requirements for monitors at drop boxes. They also don’t want voter ID. Dr. Lott said there is no country in the world that allows voter dropboxes unsecured and unmonitored.

Why are people refusing to secure our vote? Many foreign countries had rules like ours but tightened them over fraud. France had similar rules into the 1970s. They found hundreds of thousands of dead voters and large numbers of vote-buying, especially in Corsica. France ended up dropping absentee balloting entirely.

Historically, the United States moved to secret balloting because of vote-buying, Dr. Lott says. There was a 10% drop in voting when the change was made. They weren’t voting anymore because they weren’t getting paid.

The Democrats HR1/S1 bill would eliminate any type of ID requirements. It will be a complete honor system and every state would send out mail-in ballots to everyone.


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