Biden’s nominee for OPM – Human Resources – supports anti-American CRT


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. D-N.Y., filed cloture on President Biden’s nomination of Kiran Ahuja to be the director of the Office of Personnel Management. The procedure allows for a confirmation vote next week.

Ahuja will be in charge of what is essentially the US human resource department and she is a critical race theory proponent. CRT, as it is called, is anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-family, anti-religion, and anti-white. The brilliant Dr. Thomas Sowell calls it “revenge society” and “racism under new management.”

A group of Republican senators led by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., attempted to stop the nomination by delaying it.

“Senator Hawley has a hold on Kiran Ahuja’s nomination because of her history promoting radical critical race theorists,” Hawley’s office said at the time. “These associations merit real scrutiny, especially in light of Ms. Ahuja’s nomination to a role that would allow her to reinstate race-based training sessions throughout the entire federal government.”

The report notes that Ahuja’s nonprofit, Philanthropy Northwest hosted Ibram X. Kendi, an anti-racism activist and advocate for critical race theory, at a 2018 forum. He is a complete fraud.

Ahuja also wrote a blog post in June 2020 titled “Building an Anti-Racist Future,” and appears sympathetic to the communist Black Lives Matter, a group funded by George Soros and other large corporations.

This woman, whose qualifications are mostly based on her physical characteristics, will most likely inculcate the anti-American theory in all of our agencies.



At the same time, the Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association, which has never weighed in before, expressed their deep concerns about her nomination in a letter.

“Although we have not weighed in on this nomination in the past, recent developments have generated concern in our association,” FLEOA President Larry Cosme wrote to Chairman Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and ranking member Rob Portman (R-Ohio).

“As an academic concept, critical race theory should be viewed as an extremist theory and ideology that does nothing to draw Americans together in the same way as ‘white supremacy.’ … As an association that represents federal law enforcement officers whose main job is to protect all Americans under the rule of law as defined in our Constitution, advocating for extremist views has no place within our ranks or that of the federal workforce.”


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Pyramids On Mars
Pyramids On Mars
2 years ago

Just read about amnesty for all lifetime CPUSA dependents hidden in the “infrastructure” bill.
These comrades didn’t Long March with a blood lust for whitey just to stop now.
Be ready for anything.