No One Likes Mayor Brandon Johnson Much Anymore


Chicago residents don’t like the policies they voted for when they voted Brandon Johnson into office. He has lost 72% of the residents.

The Illinois Policy Institute puts Johnson on the same level as bottom crawlers former Mayors Lori Lightfoot and Rahm Emmanuel, who polled at 27%. He’s at 28% and going for the gold.

The poll found that his approval was lowest on crime and safety, with two of three voters polled disapproving. Voters disapproved of his handling of housing, homelessness, and migrants.

Under bad leadership, crime has gone up in Chicago. Chicago crime declined from 2018 to 2020, with a slight increase in 2021, followed by a spike in 2022. Theft is driving the overall increase in crime. Car theft is up 114% since 2018, and other thefts increased by 32% since 2018.

It won’t get better with the same bad policies on speed.

His handling of the migrant crisis has everyone upset.

The city of Chicago spent more than $100 million to provide help and services to the thousands of migrants who have arrived in Chicago from south of the U.S. border since last August, mostly on personnel costs, officials said Wednesday.

Black residents are unhappy that the migrants will dilute their vote, and they will.

Don Tracy at Real Clear Politics wrote: “Education opens the door to opportunities, but in Chicago, Democrats and the teachers union have slammed that door shut.”

For example, Tracy points to Clark Academy High School, a magnet school in Johnson’s neighborhood where not a single child has been taught to read at grade level but where 94% graduate.

In Chicago Public Schools as a whole, just 20% of students can read at grade level, and 16% can do math at grade level. Johnson is a toady of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, but his plan for education won’t work.


He’s illogical. In August, Johnson blamed the increase in carjacking on auto manufacturers. He said he’d seek legal action against carmakers KIA and Hyundai for “failing” to prevent thefts.

That’s so crazy. It’s what Democrats do with gun makers. They want them to be responsible for anything that goes wrong with one of their guns.

Democratic Alderman Raymond Lopez told Fox News that the move was a “play from a socialist playbook,” adding, “Clearly, we don’t have a crime problem. We have a Kia problem in the city of Chicago, according to Mayor Johnson.”

This is who is leading Chicago, and people wonder why Chicago is failing.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
14 days ago

“In Chicago Public Schools as a whole, just 20% of students can read at grade level, and 16% can do math at grade level. Johnson is a toady of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, but his plan for education won’t work.”

Logically one would assume that the mayor and his cronies are the worst kind o racists, hating their own. The way thy treat them is like saying, black students are so stupid they can’t learn, so let’s put the dollars for education in our pockets, the few who are bright blacks.

At least some blacks are regulated to Democrat plantation status are starting to wake up.

Chicago residents worry that migrants will eventually dilute the black vote
“Politically, having over 500 people in our community will completely wipe out any interests we have.”
They will “destroy our neighborhood and silence our voices even further.”

Blacks: Democrats hate you, voter for Republicans like Trump who showed he loved you with prison reform and raising the black family spendable income by $5000/year in his first two years as president.

Black Christians: if you support the Democrats, essentially an anti-Christian party, remember St. John’s warning: If someone comes to you and does not bring this teaching (Bilble), do not receive him into your house. Do not even wish him well. For the one who wishes him well shares in his wicked works”.
2 John 1:10-11