Notre Dame, WAS IT ARSON? OOPs! Don’t Say ARSON!


The before and after

In good news, it looks like Notre Dame’s structure was saved with most of the interior intact and all relics spared. They need to clean up and add a new roof. The bad news is political correctness is taking over the investigation and we all need to know the truth.

The Paris fire brigade was quoted Monday as saying the fire was “potentially linked” to renovation work. As outlets continued to report Tuesday on the fire, French authorities said they ruled out arson, though they made it clear they don’t know how, or even where, the fire originated.

The political correctness in France is palatable in every law enforcement action they embark upon that could lead to a conclusion they do not want to discuss.

As news outlets scrambled to get guests to discuss the blaze, another theory was introduced and the MSM shut it down.


Churches have been targeted, two a day in France alone. Germany has a similar problem. Both Shep Smith and Neil Cavuto hung up on guests who wished to discuss the possibility of arson that might have been overlooked given the [rush to] judgment by French authorities.

Newsweek reported a historic Paris church was set on fire in March, and there have been numerous desecrations of Christian churches.

The Fox hosts and other media outlets did not even want it mentioned. Smith cut off the deputy mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine Phillippe Karsenity and Cavuto cut off Catholic League President Bill Donohue after they tried to discuss terrorism and attacks on churches.

Is it legitimate or illegitimate to discuss other possibilities? It’s done all the time on media outlets, but not in this case.

It is not only radical Islamists who might have an interest in burning down Notre Dame. There are many other potential arsonists. So, can it be discussed?

Fr. Longenecker did specutate:

There has been a rash of vandalism including suspected arson attacks on French churches in recent weeks, and there is a mysterious video circulating of an individual in the balcony space of the two towers of Notre Dame after the blaze had already started [a liveleak video]. Furthermore,  three years ago some jihadist women were arrested for planning to blow up Notre Dame. One of them, Ines Madani, was just sentenced on Friday to eight years in prison. The co-incidence with Ines Madani’s sentencing is very disturbing.

Tourists have access to the balcony space of the two towers and one assumes access to the roof space is at that level. Could someone have hidden up there and then after the cathedral closed entered the roof space and started the fire? I guess it could be possible.

Of course the fire could have started in the roof space by itself. Workers may have left an appliance on and it overheated. A tossed cigarette smoldered on some oily rags. Solvents may have brewed together and burst into flame. The roof of the spire was sheathed in lead. Maybe the process to restore the lead involved smelting and a small furnace which overheated. The fire investigators will do their job, and the French police will do their job.

Lou Dobbs said ruling out arson immediately is inappropriate given the attacks on churches right now in France. He says it’s context.


“This is context, this is not speculation, this is the situation right now in France and the recent history of what has happened to Catholic churches throughout the nation,” Dobbs declared. “Ignored too often by some covering the tragedy, some who have ruled out speculation about the cause of the Notre Dame fire as they speculate—taking it as gospel that, well, arson was not the cause.”

He added: “That was a decision made within hours. It sounds like a different kind of decision. Perhaps a political decision, rather than one based on careful investigation of the facts. That would amount to speculation, wouldn’t it?”


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