NY Mayor to Force Homeless Mentally Ill Into Psychiatric Care


Instead of letting the NYPD do their jobs and hiring more police after defunding them, Adams will grab homeless, mentally ill [drug addicts] off the street and involuntarily force them into hospitals for forcible psychiatric care. That’s contraindicated by science.

Rather than keeping criminals in prison, he’ll violate peoples’ constitutional rights.

Before he asks Biden to close the borders to foreigners who end up homeless and moneyless on our streets, he will somehow decide who gets hospitalized. No judges or due process are needed at all.


CBS News doesn’t appear to have a problem with it.

Eric Adams has directed police and emergency medical workers to involuntarily hospitalize more mentally ill people, taking them off the streets and subways to get them the psychiatric help they need.

The mayor, who first began dealing with the city’s homeless crisis by taking down homeless encampments, said Tuesday he has a “moral obligation” to get people with mental illness the help they may not have the capacity to know they need, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported…

Civil rights advocates are upset, but the mayor was passionately insistent he is doing the right thing.

“I know some people may look at what we’re doing saying that we’re trying to do something to take away the right of people. No, we’re not. The right is that people should be able to live in dignity,” Adams said.

The government cares and is here to help.

So who and how is this decided? CBS has the answer:

The mayor issued a directive to first responders, outreach workers, and people at city hospitals, saying that state law gives them the legal authority to provide care to people when their mental illness prevents them from meeting their own basic needs, or they are a danger to themselves.

“This policy has been confirmed in written guidance from our state Office of Mental Health,” Adams said.

So, a firefighter can send the homeless to hospitals? I’m confused.

what happens if they are dangerous and put health personnel in danger.


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