NYC Mayor Vowed to Fine Migrant Buses So Now They’re Dropped Off at Buses, Trains in NJ


A migrant bus from Texas was stopped on its way to New York City this weekend, but it doesn’t matter. The buses are now dropping them off at NJ bus stations so they can travel into the city for their fancy digs in a hotel.

New York City Mayor Adams thought he somehow had it covered. Adams has a handful of illegal crossers compared to Texas. He’s not doing his fair share for the collective. A total of 302,000 anonymous people piled in illegally in December, not counting gotaways and people flying in or using apps.

Busloads of migrants headed for New York City are stopping at New Jersey bus and train stations to sidestep an executive order from New York City‘s mayor that attempts to control their arrivals, according to the mayor of Secaucus. Recent buses are coming from Texas and Louisiana. All the people on the buses asked to go to New York City. The hotel accommodations and freebies are great.

The migrants want to go to New York City, where they’re all headed.

In the last month, 14,700 asylum seekers made their way across the U.S. southern border and wound up in New York City on buses, according to a statement issued Wednesday by New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Buses are arriving at random locations throughout Midtown Manhattan at night and on weekends in what Adams described as a “humanitarian crisis” that’s overwhelming the city.

That is nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands that arrive in Texas each month.

The Left and the leftist media have the unmitigated gall to blame Texas and claim these masses of humanity from around the world are coming from Texas. How stupid do they think Americans are? It’s insulting.

Currently, I am sitting in a restaurant on Long Island, and no one speaks English. The waiters don’t even speak much English.

This has destroyed the country. They aren’t coming for our values.

Figurehead Biden is in St. Croix having a grand old time. We don’t know where Barack is.

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