NYT Report: Fox Eliminating Donald Trump as a Major GOP Player


The New York Times reported Friday that Fox News has not had Donald Trump on its network in over 100 days. The paper said this was part of a larger strategy to eliminate the former president as a major GOP player.

DONALD TRUMP at the Fox News Town Hall in better days.

Trump’s last appearance on Fox News came April 13 on “Hannity.”

The Times added, even Trump has complained his longtime friend “doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore.”

The paper said Trump believes Fox’s strategy of shunning him is an effort in “effectively displacing him” from the news cycle and as de facto leader of the Republican Party.

The decision to shun Trump has been made at “the highest levels” of Fox’s parent company, and is backed by its billionaire chairman, Rupert Murdoch, and his [left-wing] son, company CEO Lachlan Murdoch. Lachlan’s a RINO and identified as a Libertarian.

They don’t like Trump.

Both are Republicans, but are said to have to developed a strong distaste for Trump.
Earlier this month, the Murdoch-owned newspapers the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal published vile attacks on DJT for Jan. 6.

The publishers are allegedly angry that he won’t accept the election results. However, they weren’t concerned that Hillary Clinton didn’t accept her results or that Stacey Abrams didn’t accept hers.

Trump has also been hard on Fox News.

Shortly after his loss to Joe Biden, Trump blamed the network’s negative coverage of his presidency for his 2020 election loss.

He had some reason for this. The network called Arizona early and wouldn’t call clear Trump winners.

This week, Trump blasted “Fox & Friends” on his Truth Social account for being “terrible” and having “gone to the dark side.”

Meanwhile, The Times said Fox has sought to displace Trump with other GOP 2024 contenders, notably Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Dick Morris isn’t surprised by this.

“Lachlan Murdoch and the network’s leadership wants Fox to be more like CNN,” Morris said.

We think he’s right. They’re as boring as CNN during the day, especially on the weekends. They’re easing in the left-wing viewpoints.

“The Fox ban of Trump is a politically motivated decision, not based on news value, because Trump completely dominates the Republican Party and is still the biggest newsmaker in politics,” Morris added.

A recent Harvard-Harris poll had Trump pulling 56% of the vote against a field of seven GOP rivals, including DeSantis with 16%.

That would explain the Times not wanting him to run.

The problems I have with this is it’s anti-free speech and manipulative. They’re allegedly a news service during the day and they should act like one.

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