Revolution! We Are Watching a Complete Restructuring of the Republican Party



After tonight, will the ruling class finally understand what is happening? Out of 19 GOP races, not one establishment candidate has won a state. It is essentially a two-man race tonight and the candidates seen as favored by the elite were roundly rejected.

This is remarkable. It’s a complete restructuring of the Republican party.

It’s amazing that the establishment thought they could disappoint for decades and allow a Marxist to run roughshod over the Constitution with barely a whimper and suffer no repercussions.

They have funded every leftist agenda item while our country is in decline.

The people are in full revolt.

Both Kasich and Rubio are counting on winning their home states to stop Trump and compete in a brokered convention. If the establishment tries to put one of their candidates into nomination via the convention, they’d better get heavy security.

Trump’s appeal is his anti-establishment stance. Even his blustery approach doesn’t slow his progress.

At a rally in Orlando this evening, he told the crowd to raise their hands and swear their allegiance and they did.

Ted Cruz, who is also anti-establishment, is the only other candidate who has any chance to defeat Trump though it’s not much of a chance.

The latest polls out of Ohio and Florida have Trump narrowly beating Kasich in Ohio and trouncing Rubio in Florida by 20 points.

There is another Florida poll out today that has Rubio only 5 points behind Trump, however, it’s an unreliable poll by the anti-Trump Our Principles PAC.

Trump is concentrating on Florida and Ohio. At the rally in Orlando this evening, he savaged Rubio.

Calling the Florida senator an “idiot,” Trump portrayed Rubio as beholden to his donors and said voters here should reject Rubio for neglecting his day job.

“What does he do with all his free time? He’s got the highest delinquency record in the United States Senate in many, many years,” Trump said. “That is not the kind of person you want representing Florida. That’s not the deal you made.”

Trump mocked Rubio’s jokes about his hands which became a topic of last week’s debate.

“He even complained about my hands,” said Trump. “Look at those hands” he said, holding them up for the crowd.

“I mean give me a break okay. Where did he get that one? That was the first,” Trump said, trailing off.

Politico reported that the celebrity and real estate developer said supporters in recent days have assured him that Rubio is wrong. “Gee whiz Mr. Trump you actually have large and powerful hands,” Trump recounted people telling him

Stephen Miller, a Trump adviser and former aide to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, urged attendees to “Make Florida Marco Rubio’s Waterloo.” He told the crowd to send a message that a man who sells himself to a lobbyist for political favors won’t get a single Florida delegate.

The crowd and Miller also chanted, “No-show Marco.”

The campaign’s latest is to tweet with the hashtag #StopTheEstablishment. The speech by Mitt Romney and the consequent threats of a brokered convention plot succeeded in giving Trump more ammunition.

Trump’s speech this evening was brilliant in many ways. He addressed the threats of a brokered convention after saying he loves the Republican party, conservatives and a lot of people. Reminding the audience that we have lost a great conservative justice, he said he will appoint a great conservative judge in his place and we cannot afford to ruin that opportunity.

As he said, a third party run will give the White House to Hillary.


People have to be asking themselves where these members of the ruling class, where was Mitt Romney, when Obama was ignoring our laws? Couldn’t they muster any anger over that?

Trump referenced his attack on Hillary a couple weeks ago which he said were not pleasant for her. He mocked her “make America whole” comments and said she must be referring to the hole we’re in financially in this country.

He took questions after condemning the press as dishonest, drawing applause from the crowd. Trump’s back to his catchphrase “lying Ted” and claims that Cruz hurt Ben Carson. After that, he said Marco has to get out of the race.

The Orlando rally, Trump comes on at about 1:00:


  1. I agree it is remarkable that they thought they could do betray us for so long, especially since November 2014, and expect no repercussions.

    The reaction of the establishment (their words, their expressions) is revealing. It is a reaction of someone that got caught. It is not a reaction of fear for the country.

  2. While I am not a trump or cruz fan, the people are speaking, a brokered convention is nothing more than the gop telling the people you are stupid, we will decide whats best for you and the country, be careful gop, you will piss off a lot of voters!!!!!

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