NYT to reporters: STOP calling it ‘gun control,’ call it ‘gun safety’


The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.

– George Orwell

NY Times columnist, Frank Bruni, directed the media to stop using the term ‘gun control’ and substitute the phrase, ‘gun safety.’ His reason is ‘gun control’ is politically-charged, and it’s not accurate.

Dems know the value of semantics in manipulating the masses. They love euphemisms they pretend are more accurate. Hence, unfettered abortion to the moment of birth isn’t pro-life. It’s pro-choice. Giving a red or blue pill to the elderly or grievously-ill life-saving surgery isn’t a death panel — it’s common sense healthcare.

Then there are the illegal aliens who are just immigrants without papers. Forget the fact that we have thousands of members of the cannibal cartel living here in our ‘sanctuaries’ set up just for people like them.

We mustn’t forget ‘same-sex marriage’ is anathema and homophobic. It’s ‘marriage equality.’

Bruni would like a sexier term than ‘gun safety,’ although he will settle for it for now.

He spoke with an anti-gun Professor Spitzer who says, “I used to say that I study gun control,” he told Bruni. “Now I say I study gun policy.“

We were wondering when they’d get around to changing the language and noticed a shift recently.

Bruni continued to say the term ‘gun control’ is “prejudicial.”

”I’m talking about “gun control,” a phrase whose day should be done. Its day is done, to judge by many prominent Democratic politicians, who have rightly recognized the prejudicial aspect of “control,” with its ring of repression, and moved away from it. You don’t hear Joe Biden talking about “gun control,” not anymore. The same holds for other Democrats urging “gun safety,” a preferable coinage, if not a perfect one.

He’s wrong. ‘Gun control’ is actually the perfect term. Banning most ordinary rifles, promising gun confiscation, putting endless restraints on gun use by the government is the very definition of gun control.

Bruni scolded reporters for saying the words, ‘gun control,’ and complained that it “still appears frequently in this newspaper, in The Washington Post, on the CNN website, and throughout the news media. It remains as pervasive as guns themselves. It was there — “gun control,” just like that — in the first question put to Biden on Thursday during his first full-fledged news conference as president. And in the second question. And in yet another question later on.”

“But it’s off-key. It’s unhelpful. And it’s an example of the loaded language that often shapes our discourse on important matters.”

Then he denied the obvious as if absurd, that jackbooted thugs will come to our door to grab our guns.

“In the 1970s, he said, people opposed to new and even existing restrictions on firearms began to talk about them “in apocalyptic terms,” with “the imagery of jackbooted thugs coming to your door.” They cast their fight against that in terms of liberty. “It was freedom-loving Americans versus the gun grabbers,” he said.

They will come to our door. Here’s one jackbooted thug who said he would:

Then he had the gall to bring up the Parkland shooting. Everyone allowed the mad killer free rein because he was Hispanic. The school let him back in, the police did nothing, social service did nothing, and the FBI didn’t do their job. This was as the killer was telling people he was going to slaughter people in the school.

Bruni concluded the article by calling for a better term than gun safety,’ if there is one.

No thanks Goebbels Bruni. We’ll stick with gun control.

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2 years ago

“The Brady Bunch” has been using the euphemism “gun safety” for a couple of decades now, and IIRC, they stole it from some other gun control bunch. The NYT – as usual – is just behind the Times. None of these groups have written a single word about “safety” while handling guns. If they worked half as hard fostering mental disease measures as they do bastardizing the English language, they might do some actual good. Not holding my breath…

2 years ago

Gun Safety involves training people in the proper use of a gun. Control is Government restricting access to a gun and Democrats don’t just want restrictions but out and out bans. What America need is Democrat Party control.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

I suppose it’s “gun safety” when a common criminal breaks in to your home or the Democrat Party’s in house terrorist organizations, BLM and ANTIFA, riot and terrorize your neighborhood or even your home and you’re unarmed so cannot do anything about their violence against you. Thanks, Democrat voters. This is what happens when you empower the political party of the devil, Devilocrats, and I hope all you Democrat voters are the first to be victimized.

Plake Snisken
Plake Snisken
2 years ago

Shh…don’t tell the enlightened evolved NY Slimes beings but the credibility ship hit an iceberg and vanished beneath the waves.
They wouldn’t know a safety from decock lever or slide release as they hide behind an armed security detail who will bail when the shrinking dollars fail.