Oakland’s Soros DA Brings You Sideshows and Complete Anarchy


We’re at a point where we can be jailed for what we say or tweet but not for criminal behavior like sideshows in Oakland or assaults and robberies in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and other Democrat enclaves.

People in Oakland thought the laws were too strict so they voted for a progressive DA who doesn’t enforce the law. Apparently, they don’t know what is going on in other cities with Soros-backed progressive DAs, AGs, and Sheriffs.

Oakland had a lot of crime before, but now there is complete anarchy in the streets.

Journalist Michael Schellenberger tweeted about the proliferation of dangerous sideshows that resulted from only a few months of “a progressive D.A. who has stopped enforcing many laws.”

These so-called law enforcement officials are turning us into something worse than a Third World.

Chicago’s great too. Watch this idyllic scene closely, birds chirping, children playing, and then – lawlessness.

The DA is Kim Foxx. She’s completely lawless. Chicago just lost another prosecutor who couldn’t take the lawlessness any longer.

This scenario is playing out all across the nation. A Soros protege is now the domestic policy advisor. God save the Republic. We need divine intervention.

They have a Soros DA and a Progressive Mayor coming in who is worse than the last one.

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9 months ago

California is literally a Failed State! Crime is out of control and the State is bankrupt and can’t pay it’s bills. So much for the so-called “richest” State in the Union. California has the most Homeless and ranks the least in Opportunity. It has Serious Energy Problems and is number 3 in College Graduates. It also has the most outward Migration. It is a Failing State full of Educated Idiots!