Obama Resurfaced to Silence Free Speech


The man behind the curtain has come out to lay out plans to shut down free speech. Barack Obama must be especially concerned now that Elon Musk, a free speech advocate, is preparing to buy Twitter. (3 videos below)

He gave a speech yesterday decrying misinformation and disinformation, outlining what he wants the media and Big Tech titans to do – but not in so many words.

This is ironic since he is one of the biggest purveyors of misinformation and disinformation.

Yesterday, Obama wrote a letter to former intelligence officials warning that any efforts to break up Big Tech and social media will be catastrophic for the national security system they’ve built.

While in office, Obama united Big Tech (including Google, all of the social media), and legacy media with the intelligence services to control the country. All follow the accepted narrative.

What they are really saying is that they don’t want the partnership – controlling all means of communication – broken up.


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the first, with Barack leading, to complain about the allegedly incorrect information. That is when the media war on the right went into gear. It wasn’t hard to do. The pieces were in place.

All of our legacy media is owned by six companies and social media is run by far-left people. The hosts and anchors on most TV news programs are far-left activists. All are driven by the narrative fed to them from the government, the deep state-the intelligence community, all behind the curtain.

Their wrongthink censorship will go digital eventually. They will track us and own us. The World Economic Forum wants us all to have digitized identities. How do you think that will work out?

The letter Obama sent out Wednesday to former intel officials can be read here or below. It focuses on Russia and how we can’t let Russian propaganda filter into the country. What he’s really saying is no one can speak against the accepted government tale. He went beyond that Thursday to demand we keep the Big Tech-Big Government enterprise going. It’s all one message to the  Left.

Open Letter Cyber Intel Defense HS 1


Full Clip:



Rob Schmitt discussed the issue last night and Obama’s speech about disinformation. This is the man who knew that the Russiagate scheme was a complete fraud. The CIA knew from the start.

Hillary Clinton is back too and the key to her successful and aggressive disinformation platform is to pretend she is fighting it.

Americans now know Biden and his family are corrupt but the media continues to ignore it or cover it up.

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