Our Media Apparently Decides Who Won the NJ Gubernatorial Election


Apparently, our corrupt media now calls elections and decides who wins. The Associated Press called the race for New Jersey Governor.

Unsurprisingly, they called it for totalitarian progressive Phil Murphy. They called it while an investigation is going on and 40,000 votes, giving Murphy the edge, miraculously appeared in Bergen County. This was after 100% of the vote was reported in.

There is no way Red districts went for Murphy in this climate. Yet, that appears to be what we are supposed to believe.

Murphy is 20,000 votes ahead of Republican opponent Jack Ciatarelli.

Why is the media calling races and why are they doing it before the investigation is completed?

Until politicians get serious about safeguarding our elections, this nonsense will continue.

The Gateway Pundit says that Bergen County, NJ reported 219,894 votes at midnight – 100% reporting, and 52% were for Jack Ciatarelli.

The next morning, Bergen County had 261,528 votes –40k more votes — and now shows Governor Murphy as the declared winner of that county.  The 1:54 am dump is strange.

There is an investigation but it’s the people who did whatever was done investigating themselves. We need a full audit.

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