Pamela Geller sues tyrant de Blasio for the right to protest


Tyrannical New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has conveniently banned protests during the pandemic after a group of LGBTs protested Mt. Sinai working with a Christian charity, Samaritan’s Purse. As a result, no one can protest his authoritarian lockdown.

Blogger Pamela Geller is suing him for this violation of the First Amendment.

The suit, which also names Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, says that if not for the “draconian restrictions on liberty” banning demonstrations, Geller would have organized and participated in a rally against the shut-down.

These demonstrations, she argued, can be held while “maintaining proper social distancing.”

The mayor’s office defended the policy, referencing Governor Cuomo’s directive.

“If our officers see any large groups gathering, they will break it up — whether in a park or protesting on a street corner,” said spokeswoman Oliva Lapeyrolerie. “This pandemic has killed at least 13,000 New Yorkers, and will not be treated as business as usual. That is our responsibility to New Yorkers and we take it incredibly seriously.”

Cuomo’s directive did not ban protests.

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