Using Soviet-style tactics, Dem lawyers make 1-6 arrestees into racists


The leftist Democrats, a deceitful bunch, are using those arrested for the January 6 riot/protest to pretend the rally was about racial discrimination.

The protest was only to support President Trump and his deep concerns about election integrity in a very suspect election. The mail-in ballots, last-minute changes in laws to favor Biden, unsecured dropboxes everywhere, a cabal, and ballots showing up in the middle of the night — almost all for Biden — finally culminated in Biden getting 81 million votes.

Biden couldn’t get ten people to show up at his rallies, nor could 0% Kamala.

Biden is senile and most should have known it. As a result, of course, people suspect the election was crooked.

In their effort to change history, leftist lawyers are being appointed to those arrested who can’t afford lawyers. They are making them confess to white privilege, racism, and basically using other Soviet-style tactics as the price for their defense.

The DoJ is trying to bankrupt and humiliate a lot of innocent people for the violence of a very few.


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2 years ago

And why do we still have Pence out there spouting off. It’s time for him to just Go Away. If he’s ever on the ballot again I certainly will not be voting in that election. I’ve gotten to despise him that much with his Lies about what Trump wanted him to do.

The Red Heifer
The Red Heifer
2 years ago

It is a public health crisis in Wakandastan. Those KKK rallies are getting out of hand and the Amish youth in MAGA gang colors have almost destroyed the golden calf utopia known as Chicago.
Chicago is also a historic sacred ground hajj destination in the building of Wakandastan as the immaculate Chicago Jesus Messiah Barry Obama Hussein is here to save us from our fallen wretched state as deplorable kulak untermenschen.
But we need a wise Latina to build the golden calf utopia and thankfully we have one on the supreme court (CCP) as these enlightened beings are experienced with utopia building and real shangr-la has never been tried.