Pelosi minion asks to extend the military occupation of the Capitol for 2 months and there is no riot planned today


Pelosi’s pawns in the Capitol

Capitol Police, under the leadership of a very partisan chief, has asked the National Guard to stay two more months. The chief is pretending there is a dangerous and imminent threat. Today’s House schedule has been canceled over chatter by dead-end Internet conspiracy theorists who present no threat. Pelosi and friends put the Capitol under military occupation over it. That’s very embarrassing.

There is nothing planned today — not a protest in sight, much less a terrorist act. The only mention of a riot is on the fake legacy media.

Defense officials say the Pentagon is reviewing the proposal to extend the National Guard’s mission at the U.S. Capitol by 60 days. The more than 5,000 Guard members currently in Washington, D.C., are currently slated to go home on March 12.

They’ve been fed uncooked meat and food with metal shavings in it during their stay. They are only there for Nancy Pelosi’s show. She never lets a good crisis go to waste.

The Pelosi-peeps in the Capitol claim there is a QAnon plot threatening the building today since some conspiracy theorists seem to believe today is the day Donald Trump is to become president. CBS fake news is repeating nonsensical claims that an attack is “a clear and present danger” and could be “imminent.” It’s based on Facebook chatter, and it’s meant to frighten people.

QAnon isn’t a group or organization and there are no members. QAnon is an anonymous person or people taking bits and pieces from right-wing sites and constructing conspiracy theories out of them for the gullible to read. They’re similar to 4Chan. It’s hard to even find anything they’ve posted.

The FBI isn’t even concerned there is an operation and no one is being pursued.

Nancy’s Banana Republic
If Democrats shut down every time there is chatter, they will never show up for work. Sounds good to me!
You’d have to be crazy the reporter says below – exactly! There is no need to have these troops and weapons. It’s nonsense.

Thank Nancy for making us Third World

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