Pelosi’s Very Angry About Consumer Confidence, At An 18-year High


The aging 77-year old Nancy Pelosi told reporters she is unhappy about unemployment, the crumbs from the tax cuts, and she is especially angry about consumer confidence. She apparently doesn’t know consumer confidence is at an 18-year high. She said:

“Hip hip hooray! Unemployment is down. What does that mean to me and my life? I need a bigger paycheck. This isn’t just about the unemployment rate, it’s about wages rising in our country so that consumer confidence is restored. Because our economy will never fully reach our possibilities unless we increase our consumer confidence.”

Someone needs to tell her wages went up 2.7% this month.

She’s been spouting these lies for so long and getting away with it, she thinks she still can. But this is the day and age of the video, the Internet, and instant replay.



Pelosi is giving away her platform and that of the Democrat party. She wants to “cut the dark cloud” of tax cuts and raise taxes.

She has also said Bernie’s Socialist healthcare is on the table. Bernie is clueless on the economy.

On June 1, Pelosi was very angry about the great jobs report. She said a great jobs report means little to those suffering from “soaring” costs. It’s not clear what she is talking about since the costs aren’t “soaring”. There are now more jobs than unemployed people, but that is lost on her.

She was also quick to jump in on North Korean talks, condemning the President for being willing to talk to Kim Jong-un. Meanwhile she spoke with Kim about the same issues during a visit to NoKo.

Let’s not forget how she loves open borders. She loves sanctuary cities and wants to keep MS-13 and other criminal aliens here.

She thinks MS-13 have a “spark of divinity” and they are “God’s children”. They are not “animals”, she said. What’s their motto again, “Rape, Kill, Torture”?


  1. To those who do not understand human freedom or appreciate the proper function of man’s soul, the intentions of socialism sound good: a new world order with equality and prosperity for all! Socialism is the outright transfer of power from the individual to the State. She is one of those unfortunate persons.

  2. Pelosi has been in Washington for 31 years. Schumer, who has the audacity to “make demand” upon President Trump re NK has been in DC x37 years.

    Under their respective tenures, NK has become a nuclear power. Not JUST a nuclear power but has developed the capability to deliver nukes TO Washington DC…and has threatened to do so.

    So if EVER there were a, “sit down and STFU” moment, this would be it.

    I guess when President Trump joked about, “we’re going to get so tired of winning, winning, winning,” he was actually correct. The Left are eating themselves alive because we ARE winning.

    Now I’ve heard Obama worshipers actually claim his job numbers were as good or better. LAUGHABLE…
    Here’s an interesting stat: Nearly 95% of ALL jobs created under Obama were PART TIME jobs.” This stat from Obama’s Chief WH Economist.

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