Pete Buttigieg Is Sad Over ‘BS’ That Trump Went to Ohio First


“That’s b*s***,” Buttigieg told CNN of the accusation. “We were already going to go,” the Blaze reports.

In an interview with CNN, Buttigieg called the former president’s visit “somewhat maddening.”

“To see someone who did a lot to try to gut not just rail safety regulations, but the EPA, which is the number one thing standing between that community and a total loss of accountability for Norfolk Southern, and then show up giving out bottled water and campaign swag?” Buttigieg said.

That lie again. The gutting was done under Barack Obama in 2014, and it was not undone under Joe Biden, nor has Pete Buttigieg mentioned fixing it.

Even the NTSB Democrat chief called him out when he told that lie before. Even if Donald Trump was responsible for the rollback of the safety regulations in question, which he wasn’t, it wasn’t the cause of the Ohio train derailment. That is the actual BS.

Buttigieg was the mayor of a little bitty town where he was unaffectionately known as Pothole Pete.  Biden thought he’d make a good transportation secretary.

Stunningly, Pete is sad that Donald Trump beat him into East Palestine — after THREE WEEKS.

The BS meter went wild

“That’s bulls***,” Buttigieg told CNN of the accusation. “We were already going to go.”

Coulda fooled us!

“What I tried to do was balance two things: my desire to be involved and engaged in on the ground, which is how I am generally wired to act, and my desire to follow the norm of transportation secretaries allowing NTSB to really lead the initial stages of the public-facing work,” he said of his delayed response while visiting East Palestine last month. “I’ll do some thinking about whether I got that balance right.”

If so, why didn’t he tell us upfront? Why be coy? We call that BS, but you decide.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) took him up on that and said his delayed visit demonstrated “intentional ignorance” that demands his resignation.

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