Philly’s Soros DA is running with a record of a 40% increase in homicides


Soros-funded DA Larry Krasner is running for office again. This is a DA who doesn’t like to put people in prison unless they’re police and had sued the police for civil rights violations 75 times before his election.

Krasner, 60, is facing a primary challenge from a veteran prosecutor he fired, who is arguing that Mr. Krasner has made the city less safe.

Philadelphia went from — allegedly — over-incarceration to little incarceration. He releases murderers.

His opponent, Carlos Vega, 64, is urging Republicans to register as Democrats so they can vote Krasner out.

The NY Times reports:

In his first election, Mr. Krasner attracted a coalition of young progressives, labor unions and moderate Black voters. His road to victory has not changed. But the math may have: According to the state, more than 6,300 Republicans in Philadelphia County have become Democrats in the aftermath of the presidential election, which could mean an influx of more conservative primary voters. (That said, Mr. Krasner won his first primary by a margin of nearly 28,000 votes while running against six other Democrats.)

Opponents hope that the sharp rise in gun crime over the last two years has made Mr. Krasner vulnerable. Overall, violent crime is down in Philadelphia. But between 2019 and 2020, the number of homicides rose from 356 to 499, a 40 percent increase.


Krasner, who doesn’t want to prosecute and calls himself a public defender with power, blames the pandemic for the rise in crime. Mr. Vega blames Mr. Krasner.

“We are arresting people with guns and there are no consequences,” Mr. Vega said. “There is a revolving door.”

Once in office, Mr. Krasner fired more than two dozen veterans including Mr. Vega, who had been a prosecutor for more than three decades.

Mr. Krasner also lowered the number of people in the city’s jail by more than 30 percent, stopped prosecuting some low-level crimes, and asked judges for less severe sentences.

Mr. Vega is backed by more than a hundred of his fellow ex-prosecutors, including Ed Rendell, a former Philadelphia district attorney who later became the mayor of Philadelphia and the governor of Pennsylvania.

He is also supported by a number of victims’ family members who feel that Mr. Krasner has been too lenient.

The Soros-funded Democracy Now interviewed the Soros-funded Krasner in July as he claimed Portland’s protesters’ are peaceful. Krasner has freed rioters without charges and refuses to prosecute many serious crimes. He is anti-police and charged a SWAT officer with assault for clearing our protesters from an Interstate who did exactly what his superiors told him to do.


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