Police retirements rose 45% as H***hole Dem cities gain in popularity with the radical left


Police retirements have risen by 45 percent in the past year, with officers opting out of forces across the country. This is as Black Lives Matter riots protests that fueled anti-cop rants.

The alarming statistic was revealed by the Police Executive Research Forum on Sunday, with the organization also revealing that resignations rose by 18 percent during the same twelve-month period.

“It is an evolving crisis,” Chuck Wexler, the organization’s executive director, told The New York Times, adding that police forces are also struggling to attract new recruits.

The death of George Floyd, prompted by radical politicians, spurred on by communists in BLM and Antifa, brought about the defund the police movement which is still ongoing. In addition, these revolutionaries want to eliminate qualified immunity for the police so they will be subject to constant lawsuits from criminals, angry and traumatized families of criminals, radical leftists, and so on.

Then there is the fact that the police are treated with utter disrespect, to say nothing of the fact that they are not backed up by cowardly politicians.


NYC’s communist Mayor Bill de Blasio slashed one billion dollars from the police budget and the candidates vying for his job are mostly worse than he is. One candidate, Maya Wiley, wants to cut a billion a year and possibly take away their guns.

In the H***hole of Portland, Oregon, 69 officers resigned and 75 retired between April 2020 and April 2021. That was in comparison to 27 resignations and 14 retirements the year before.

In New York City’s H***hole, 272 uniformed officers who put in retirement papers in the month after Floyd’s murder, previous NYPD data showed.

In the H***hole of  Seattle, Washington, resignations almost quadrupled to 123 from 34 and retirements more than doubled to 96 from 43.

Meanwhile, in the H***hole of Asheville, North Carolina, Police Chief David Zack told The Times that he had lost about one-third of staff to resignation and retirement.

“Certainly with the way that police have been portrayed and vilified in some cases, they have decided that it is not the life for them,” he stated.

We are going to end up with H***tholes everywhere and our future police recruits will be derelicts, communists, and others who will be more dangerous than protective.

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