Pope Benedict XVI’s Posthumous Book Is Unprecedented, a Bombshell


Pope Benedict

Many say there is a war brewing in the Catholic Church with the installation of Pope Francis. Some wonder was there ever cause for Pope Benedict XVI to retire, or was he pushed out to make way for a more heretical Pope? Some say the latter is true.

We were told about this book in 2020.

Pope Benedict XVI’s bombshell book was published this month after his death to spare him and Christendom.

He explained, “For my part, in life, I no longer want to publish anything. The fury of the circles against me in Germany is so strong that the appearance of every my word immediately causes a murderous shouting from them. I want to spare myself and Christendom this.”

His remarks in the book, Che Cos’é Il Cristianesimo, are truly unprecedented coming from a Holy Father. We know it is happening, but he is publicly speaking to us about it from the grave. Recently, the Vatican launched an investigation into a “sex party” at the Cathedral. in the past, police arrested top clergy for orgies. It’s been an open secret.

“There were individual bishops, and not only in the United States, who rejected the Catholic tradition as a whole, aiming in their dioceses to develop a kind of new, modern catholicity. Perhaps it is worth mentioning the fact that, in not a few seminaries, students caught reading my books were considered unfit for the priesthood. My books were concealed as harmful literature and were read only in secret, so to speak.”

He said there are gay “clubs” in seminaries. Writing about the meeting that Pope Francis had convened with the presidents of all the episcopal conferences of the world on the subject of abuse, Ratzinger underlines: “In the context of the meeting of the presidents of the episcopal conferences of the whole world with Pope Francis, it is at heart above all the question of priestly life and also that of seminaries. As regards the problem of preparation for priestly ministry in seminaries, we note in fact a vast collapse of the current form of this preparation.”

In various seminaries homosexual “clubs” were formed, which acted more or less openly and transformed the atmosphere in the seminaries. “In a seminary in southern Germany, candidates for the priesthood and candidates for the lay office of pastoral referent lived together. During common meals, the seminarians were together with married pastoral representatives, partly accompanied by their wives and children and, in some cases, by their girlfriends. The climate in the seminary could not help priestly formation.”

The media won’t report it because it questions the legitimacy of Francis as Pope, and he is their far-left pride and joy.

“…a bishop, who had previously been rector, had allowed seminarians to be shown pornographic films, presumably with the intention of thereby enabling them to resist against behavior contrary to the faith.”

What Ratzinger is saying here coincides with a book he wrote several years ago referencing the “filth” in the church that must be excised. Priests take a vow of chastity.

We understand why the book is posthumous. He recognized the power these people have attained in the church. An ally of his, Archbishop Vigano feared for his life. The church can survive this, but it needs to be stopped.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
4 months ago

I want to preface this by saying I don’t like to be a person putting down other churches, but the Bible teaches that God is truth and his people must not speak lies but the truth. I am sure what I write will anger many people. They may demand my censure.

The Roman Catholic Church ceased to be a Christian church almost 1500 years ago when it ceased to teach that salvation is by grace alone through Jesus Christ. By the middle ages it was basically a rich secular organization that at best could be called a cult.

The sexual corruption, at least in Detroit where I grew up, certainly has been an open ‘secret’ since before the Second World War. I became aware of it before I was 10 years old including the molestation of children. It was part of the reasons that many people feared a Roman Catholic President. JFK and RFK’s sexual immorality with people like Marilyn Monroe (and the potential for blackmail) was one of the things they feared. Pelosi and Biden are prime examples of RC hypocrites, but probably will never be excommunicated for their blatant sins including the murder of unborn children.

There are many good, good people who have been taken in by the deceptions of Roman Catholicism, just like many good people have been deceived by the deception of the Democrat Party.

Curtis A. Bishop
Curtis A. Bishop
4 months ago

Truth sir will never be covered up by darkness. In the end all will be known. You are just stating a truth and I commend you for it. Only Jesus can forgive sins not some guy in a booth and funny hat.

4 months ago

not true, this is a false witness against the Holy Spirit given to Christ’s Catholic Church at Pentecost and who/which has never changed Divine Revelation, not on grace or any Teaching…actually “God the Holy Spirit has always Taught that anyone who says that salvation is not a free gift of the Lord and is possible without grace, they are in the words of Scripture, in ‘anathema‘ “…

The Teaching of God’s Saving Faith and Gospel has never changed nor will It in His One and Only Spousal Catholic Church, for His “Teaching is the same, today, yesterday and forever’….if you cannot get salvation history and theology correct, please do not sin against the 8th Holy Commandment….satan should not have such easy and ready victories….blessings!

Christ never left His Church just as He never left It in all the evils in the OT/OC – Jesus says to us through the “samaritan woman at the well salvation is from the Jews/New Israelites-Catholics”….Jesus told us through the prophets – especially Hosea – that even though His Spousal-Church was unfaithful to Him He would never leave Her…it is not biblical to make God break His own Covenant and start another ‘spousal-church’ by getting rid of His Bride and taking another because of infidelity of His Bride – check the Scriptures, “God is faithful and never leaves even if His Bride is unfaithful’….why is this non-biblical folly pushed to make God a sinner??


Curtis A. Bishop
Curtis A. Bishop
4 months ago
Reply to  padre1cor13.6

Telling people that their sins can be forgiven by saying a predetermined number of hail marys based on the severity of their said sin is leading them astray from the true redeemer Jesus Christ. He is the one all sinners need to be asking and accepting forgiveness from. Period. And no amount of verbal diarrhea which you so elegantly wrote above will change that.

4 months ago

just one thing to realize:

The Church (Catholic, the only one founded upon Christ and His consecrated Bride of the Truth, John 17:9) understands that we are all sinners in need of a savior (Rom 5:12-21). We are inheritors of original sin and all its consequences, and by actual sin we distance ourselves from God. We can’t save ourselves, but we don’t need to: Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sins. The Catholic Church teaches that salvation comes through Jesus alone (Acts 4:12), since he is the “one mediator between God and man” (1 Tm 2:5-6).

The saving grace won by Jesus is offered as a free gift to us, accessible through repentance, faith, and baptism. We turn away from our sins, we are sorry for them, and we believe in Jesus Christ and the gospel. Repentance shows our willingness to turn from things that keep us from God, and baptism renews us, filling us with the grace necessary to have faith and to live it. This belief is more than just “head knowledge.” Even the demons have that (Jas 2:19). It’s more than just believing you’re saved. Even the Pharisees had that (Jn 5:39). True, saving faith is one lived and exhibited daily: It is “faith working through love” (Gal 5:6, cf. Jas 2:1-26).

Sometimes the Church is accused of teaching “salvation by works,” but this is an empty accusation. This idea has been consistently condemned by the Church. Good works are required by God because he requires obedience to his commands (Mt 6:1-21, 1 Cor 3:8, 13-15) and promises to reward us with eternal life if we obey (Mt 25:34-40, Rom 2:6-7, Gal 6:6-10, Jas 1:12). But even our obedience is impossible without God’s grace; even our good works are God’s gift (Rom 5:5, Phil 2:13). This is the real biblical plan of salvation.


The Church (Catholic, the only one founded upon Christ and His consecrated Bride of the Truth, John 17:9). Jesus says His Catholic-Bride/Church will never be defeated by nor prevailed over by satan or sin (Matt 16:18) or Teach falsely from the Throne of Peter/Moses (23:1-3). These are the biblical realities of God. Grace and mercy in Christ Jesus!