Portland ‘demonstrators’ at war launch explosives at cops, use blinding lasers (videos)


Democrat leaders and their army of ‘demonstrators’ have no endgame except violence and destruction. The videos you will see below aren’t from a third world country or a war zone in a remote land, this is an ordinary night in Portland, Oregon, under the leadership of far-left Democrats, but then I repeat myself.

The Portland Police generally don’t start moving in when the ‘protesters’ start ‘protesting’ until they light fires. Those begin late at night. During the daytime, it’s a grungy haven for old hippies, college students, ordinary liberals. The smell of marijuana soaks the air. Street vendors sell Black Lives Matter tees and the hip stroll around with water bottles or Starbuck’s lattes.

They all have one thing in common — they don’t like the police. Now, the even more unpopular federal officers have come. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the president of sending “unidentified stormtroopers” to “kidnap protesters.”

“Can we call it fascism yet?” blares a headline of a New York Times op-ed. The DHS still stands its ground, defending the use of unmarked vehicles and uniforms as routine law-enforcement practice and citing recent instances of “doxxing” of officers.

The police point to the repeated damage to courthouses and other public buildings and monuments. But the media offers no support. They downplay the fact that the local police have been castrated by the inept Democrat leadership, who handed over the city to violent anarchists.

The fact that this is the Democrats’ army and these people are acting out to get Biden elected, is meaningless to the polls. Polls now say the country is headed in the wrong direction by the largest margin yet, given the pandemic and the 24/7 media attacks blaming the President. It doesn’t matter that it is New York and it’s incompetent leaders that seeded the nation in the first place.

The riots are clearly aimed at hurting the administration and they do. It is why the Democrats encourage the rioters.











  1. At the peak there seemed to be around 10,000. It was pretty late before the fence was pulled down. They tried for hours on the long fence, even with grinding wheel cutters, to no avail. Only some time after that fence came down did offers come out to disperse the crowd. It took until around 5:30 their time before the area was vacated. The city has demanded that fence come down altogether. The ONLY reason that fence is there is the attempts by the Kid Terrorists torching the plywood with fires and Napalm. The DHS has had to reinforce that fence each and every day with additional methods. It will be worrisome if that fence can’t be set back up.

    There is a PPD online stream that shows their operations. After intensive efforts by DHS personnel without gaining ground did PPD come in with a huge force. They chased that crowed for blocks and at times the officers are heard calling out, “Double Time” and stepped up the push.

    Republican “may” think this is good for them but don’t count on it. With nothing being done people could decide on the Democrats in hopes of quelling the hostilities. It is quite likely Biden would attempt to stop the riots, And, the media would be supportive. So Republicans better wish the public will wait, but don’t hold your breath.

    Well, spoke too soon. The crowds are back, the officers are out being taunted once again, talking about “kids in cages”. They are REAL DAMN BRAVE “before” the officers respond. The officers just went back in at 6:02 am local time. I’ve never seen So Many lie about So Much. “We didn’t do nothin”. From some of the responses it appears these Kid Terrorists think it’s non-violent, Unless, it’s lethal. By the way, at one point earlier a woman says, “I’m a school administrator…”. They think that viral video of the kid being “kidnapped” is psych-ops, because he wasn’t zip tied. This kid is lying, saying they came out at ten and midnight. It was 2 am when they First came out. This is certainly a game for them, collecting souvenirs.

    Freight Broker Live has about eight or so hours of video.

  2. Oh, is This great. A street sweeper is cleaning the street from gas residue and raising up all the dust for the two live streamers remaining. They don’t like it at all. How do they think the place is all cleaned up before they start their rioting the next day.

  3. When it starts early in the evening there are black demonstrators giving speeches and being quite peaceful. Around 11:30 there will be a large fireworks set off. That is the key to start. From that point the crowd slowly begins to get progressively more rowdy. By the time things really heat up you will notice about 99%, maybe more, are All White, whereas the earlier time of speeches is largely Black.

    I’m even More disgusted because of where it’s led Me. During that time with all the chants of “Black Lives Matter” I begin to think twice about supporting Blacks. You tend to believe there would be a good percentage of Blacks there and thus part of it. Realizing that, I’m suspecting many of these instigators, such as live streamers, among others, are purposely stoking flames that will lead to racial animosity resulting in a race war. This “has” been a plan of the certain White Supremacy groups. It’s time for a deep investigation into many of these people and check their backgrounds. It could be instigators on one hand and Larpers with the other hand. These Whites are far too suspicious when they are so hostile to any Black person who raises concerns about their actions, and how it will affect them personally. They should be called out for what they are, White Supremacists, since THEY are taking control of Black issues, when they haven’t the experience of a Black person.

  4. The Marxist Left is literally at war with local law enforcement departments. When I say the Marxist Left, I am not only talking about the rank and file of Antifa and BLM. I am also referring to the Democrat Mayors and other leftists officials who restrain any attempts to enforce the rule of law.

    Every single one of them should be arrested and made to stand before a military tribunal. They are all enemy combatants, and as such, have no rights to due process. They should all be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity and then marched out to the nearest public square for summary execution. ALL OF THEM!!! Not only the rank and file of Antifa and BLM, but the elected officials who are enabling all of this.

  5. It’s all part of the New World Order implementation.
    Don’t get distracted from the major issue here and all around the Globe.
    The very well described goals of the NWO, year ago, but nobody listened.


    The United Nation is one of the instrumental organizations that puts this world plan in motion.

    And don’t get vaccinated:


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