Posh Spence School teaches blatant racism against white women


In the letter below shared by Megyn Kelly, a parent at the posh Spence school explains why she is sending her daughter to another high school. Gabriela Baron, a first-generation Cuban-American spent long hours as a volunteer alumnus and was thrilled when her daughter was accepted into the school.

She quit her volunteer work in 2018 over the school’s growing indoctrination. She recounts a story of her 8th-grade daughter being forced to watch a “blatantly racist video.” Her daughter had no choice to opt out.

The video by ‘Ziwe,’ Mrs. Baron said, “exemplifies hate speech against white women. My husband and I watched the video in its entirety and were shocked. The video openly derides, humiliates, and ridicules white women. It is punctuated at regular intervals by fake ads, which are part of the video’s editorial content and were shown to the class, that end with the slogan, “White Women.” There are 2 fake ads in the video of white women touching each other and kissing that were not shown to the class, but the remainder of the video was shown.”

No explanation was given as to why it was shown. The video had no connection to any class or lesson. Mrs. Baron said it appears to be a “gratuitous display of racist hate speech directed at white women.”

She expressed her disappointment at the loss of trust they experienced in a school that prided itself on its “partnership” with parents and students.

Mrs. Baron noted that had it been any other race, there would have been an outcry. After watching the video, she said she felt like she was “gut-punched” and is “extremely angry” over how her daughter’s last day at school ended. “I feel insulted, humiliated, and used,” she said.

Explaining that her daughter and their classmates were “a captive audience,” she said:

“They sat there in their graduation dresses while the white mothers of the white students–many of whom volunteer, donate, call, email, and do whatever the school asks of them–were tarred and feathered in a video their teacher showed them, while their white female teachers were mocked. Spence has failed to provide standards for every member of its faculty that would make it clear that this overt, racist content was NOT okay.”

She spent much of the letter imploring them to return to being the great school they once were.

There is a lot more. It’s a good letter, but terrible school and it’s very expensive. This is why Megyn Kelly pulled her daughter out of the school. It’s not one isolated incident. It’s the entire program, and they falsely call it ‘anti-racism.’

This is what is going on in our most elite schools.



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