CBS News supports the looting of Walgreens


CBS News reporters described a brazen robbery in a San Francisco Walgreens this week. One panelist said the store workers could have made more of an effort to stop the robbery. The idea of the man being armed came up as a deterrent for security guards to intervene.

One panelist said, couldn’t the security guard have stopped filming to catch the guy? Another said, why did they let him in with a bicycle.

They did mention Walgreens had to close 17 stores but didn’t think enough of it to mention it again.

Another panelist said, “It reads also as an act of desperation.” After all, he’s “not getting rich off of what he takes from a Walgreen.” It seems “you’re probably getting something you need.”

WOW! Where do you start? I don’t need to tell my readers all the absurdities in this discussion. However, it should be noted that San Francisco allows thefts up to $900.

George Gascon, who is currently ruining LA, ruined San Fran.

The thieves usually sell the goods, even right down the block. Often they do it to support the drug habit San Fran also supports.

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