Pre-Eminent mRNA Tech Inventor Talks to Millions After De-Platforming


Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, was de-platformed by the communists at Twitter. He addressed it with Joe Rogan.

As he said, he’s not trying to tell people to believe him, he’s encouraging people to think for themselves and to research to form their own opinions.

He was censored because he spoke against the allowable narrative.

The famed scientist is one of the most qualified people in the world to talk about these vaccines. Dr. Malone has been contacted by several lawyers to potentially sue.

As Dr. Malone said, he’s not perfect, but if he can’t speak on the issue who can? If it’s not okay for him to be part of the conversation as he points out scientific facts, who can?

He mentioned that some lie and say he wasn’t a key inventor but he holds the patents.

Almost everyone, or possibly everyone involved with this tech has conflicts of interest. He is virtually the only one who doesn’t.


Malone — who helped invent mRNA vaccine technology, which is the basis of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — tweeted this week that the Pfizer vaccinations for COVID-19 are doing “more harm than good.” He also strongly criticized the use of the vaccines on children without having long-term studies.

On Tuesday, he was gone from Twitter.

Dr. Malone wrote on substack:

“Today it did. Over a half million followers gone in a blink of an eye,” he lamented. “That means I must have been on the mark, so to speak. Over the target. It also means we lost a critical component in our fight to stop these vaccines being mandated for children and to stop the corruption in our governments, as well as the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industries.”

Joe Rogan interviewed him and gave him an audience of millions. Sign up on substack. You don’t have to pay if you can’t. You might miss some things as a non-paying customer but you’ll get a lot of information. I heard he’s also on Gettr.

His website is here.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Malone spoke of the obvious violations of the Nuremberg code. The USA is run in all major sectors by awful people.

Recall 3 years ago that corrupt coward and national betrayer Barr went on TV for another one of his disinformation appearances. He complained about censorship and implied action would be taken. He did nothing, he a member of the cabal.

Congress and the DOJ have done nothing to protect the people.

The Prince of This World Will Be Driven Out
The Prince of This World Will Be Driven Out
1 year ago

“There is no such thing as an alpha, or beta, or gamma delta variant. This is a means by which what is desperately sought is a degree to which individuals can be coerced into accepting something that they would not otherwise accept. There has not been in any of the published studies in what has been reportedly the delta variant, there has not been a population “are not” calculated, which is the actual replication rate. What has been estimated are computer simulations. There has been no ability to identify any clinically altered gene sequence, which then has a clinically expressed variation. And this is the problem all along. This is the problem going back to very beginning of what’s alleged to be a pandemic, is that we do not have any evidence that the gene sequence alteration had any clinical significance whatsoever … And so we’re trapped in a world where unfortunately, if you go and look, as I have, at the papers that isolated the Delta variant, and actually ask the question, is the Delta variant anything other than the selection of a sequence in a systematic shift of an already disclosed other sequence, the answer is, it’s just an alteration in when you start and stop what you call the reading frame.”

Dr. David Martin (h/t-TFA)

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The variants are scam sequels. Do Americans have the ability to get out of this prison? I doubt it much. Not without major damage. Consider what has gone on the past 5 years.

1 year ago

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says science that can’t be questioned is propaganda !!!!!