Predictable Pierre D. Romney Rips Santos’s Lies, Claps for Biden’s


Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto, is a festering sore on the GOP, and last night was no different. Sanctimonious Mitt approached George Santos to get points with the media and his Democrat allies. He told Santos he shouldn’t be here and should resign, possibly using a vulgar word. It’s not Romney’s job to determine who should or should not be there. It’s the voters’ job.

As an aside, Pierre Delecto was the weirdo name he picked to hide his identity on Twitter. He used the account to spy and start trouble for Donald Trump and others in the GOP.

Rep. Santos lied on his resume and who knows what else, but he was at a performance by the worst liar who has ever sat in the Oval office. Romney had no problem with Biden’s nonstop lies and fuzzy truths. In fact, he gave him a standing ovation (see the last clip).

I’m no Santos fan since I’m sick of liars like most people. But, this is funny and it looks like Santos got the best of Mitt.

Later on, sanctimonious Romney ranted about Santos to reporters, telling them he thought Santos was a “sick puppy”  who shouldn’t have been there, sitting in the middle aisle trying to shake peoples’ hands. He said Santos should have been hiding out in the back somewhere, “given the fact that he’s under an ethics investigation.”

He also said he was disappointed in Kevin McCarthy for not canceling him. Mitt seems to have forgotten the voters in the equation.

Mitt always has an unkind word for Republicans but never Democrats. Why is that? The man’s a dog. Maybe he shouldn’t be there either.

Here he is clapping for all the lies senile Joe Biden told last night. Some lies are fine with Mitt.

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