Pregnant Girlfriend’s Baby Dies After Beating, Accused Gets No Jail Time and Still Has His Guns


A Texas man is accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend so badly that her unborn baby died three days later with blunt force trauma. He took a plea deal with the Travis County District Attorney’s office Monday, according to reports.  You won’t believe this. All he has to do is wear a monitor for six months. He still has his guns. What good are the laws if this guy can hold onto to them until he feels like turning them in

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The DA is Soros-funded Delia Garza.

Johnny Charles Ebbs V

According to Fox News, Johnny Charles Ebbs V’s plea deal comes with eight years of deferred adjudication on a third-degree continuous family violence assault charge, meaning that he has not been found guilty at the time of sentencing and will have his offense dismissed if he doesn’t violate his probation.

Police said Ebbs beat and hospitalized his pregnant girlfriend, LaShonda Lemons, in Austin in 2019. Three days later, the unborn child died due to blunt force trauma. Lemons’ attorney, Kelsey McKay, said in court that Ebbs’ bond and an agreed-upon protective order mandated that he was to forfeit his guns – a move he has yet to make, KXAN reported.

He hasn’t even returned his guns!!! What good are more laws when the government doesn’t follow the laws they have???

Ebbs’ plea deal means he will be required to wear a GPS monitor for six months and will not serve any jail time. Oh isn’t that just great.

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