DC Wants a Return to a GUN BAN Because They Know Zilch About the Constitution


The residents of the CAPITOL of the United States of America, about 51% of them, said they would like to reinstate a ban on gun ownership in the city even though it was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2008. This is according to a new Washington Post poll.

This is the result of people being uninformed about the Constitution and the reasons we have the freedoms we do in this country.

Only 47% were opposed with 3% clueless. White yuppies in particular want the ban on all guns with 67% of college whites wanting it. Newcomers to the city and wealthier residents want the ban by 60%. They would probably be the brainwashed liberals who think crimes are committed by the gun itself.

DC has a 58% spike in homicides over the last few years but the poll didn’t take the many other variables such as police becoming far more cautious into account.

Black residents say police haven’t been tough enough which would correspond to the intimidation and consequent relaxation of policing since Obama began his nationwide crackdown on police with his PC campaign.

In April, the DC police union said that the politicians are too scared to let police do their job. The unions said they want to get vice squads back on the streets to combat a recent rash of violent crime in the city, but they say political correctness at the top ranks is making that impossible. DC police chief Cathy Lanier disbanded the units.

Police officers and their union started fighting that decision immediately and they say the city’s recent violent crime problem and huge increase in murders was caused in large part by the loss of those 20-30 dedicated cops in each district.

It’s not the cops in D.C. who are afraid, according to the union, but the politicians who have a misconception about what exactly it is the vice squads do.

DC politicians and activists will come out with some new, restrictive gun bans soon instead of exploring putting the squads back on the streets.

All this being said, the poll itself, which has a plus/minus 4 point differential, might be questionable. The questions focused on numerous issues concerning violence, crime, and marijuana and the gun questions came after the questions on increased violence in DC.


The poll gun questions:

poll questions

While 51% support taking away all guns in DC, 43% agree it wouldn’t make a difference and 12% say it would make the district less safe. The district is split down the middle.

The next two questions were withheld from public view and it would be interesting to know if they were gun questions.

The residents overwhelmingly want marijuana legalized – 69%.

The majority of residents believe crime and violence are the biggest concerns in DC.

WaPo reported that D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) and Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier have blamed the flow of illegal guns into the city and violent repeat offenders for a large share of the city’s rising homicide tally this year.

If they stop legal guns, how will that help with the problem they readily admit is illegal guns?

DC lawyers are in court today to find out if they can enforce certain restrictions on carrying firearms on the streets of the nation’s capital. They also want to limit the purchasing of guns to one per month though it has been ruled unconstitutional. How will that help with illegal guns?

Until criminals and terrorists give up their guns, they shouldn’t ask law-abiding citizens to give up theirs.

Source: Washington Post



  1. I find it interesting the Post asked the same question in 2008 and got 76% of DC residents supporting a gun ban. It went from 76% to 51% and the Post does not mention the trend.

    If the question were on gay marriage ban, and in 2008 76% of people supported such a ban, and in 2015 51% did, the Post headline would not be “majority support a gay marriage ban.” The Post headline would be “support for gay marriage ban plunges.”

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