President calls off negotiations for relief package


President Trump called off negotiations with Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a relief package until after the election. He made the announcement in tweets this afternoon (about 3:15 pm EST). Pelosi will not allow Republicans to have a win so close to the election and they simply don’t care about the economy or the people losing their livelihoods.

This is a daring move and he will be pilloried but he needs Judge Powell appointed more than he needs to waste time with nasty, unrelenting Nancy. One of the items Nancy won’t give up is unrestricted funds for cities and states.

The Blue cities and states are implementing Draconian lockdown orders without end. Governor Cuomo is destroying a third to more than half of the restaurants in the city and a lot of other businesses. He’s making it impossible for parents to plan, restaurants to order food, children to learn, people to worship, and businesses to survive, much less thrive. And other blue rulers are doing the same thing.

After the announcement was made on Twitter by President Trump, the stock market started to sink.

This followed the Federal Reserve Chairman Jeremy Powell announcing that a relief package was needed immediately to avoid a “weak recovery, cre­at­ing un­nec­es­sary hard­ship.”


The bill includes:

  • $1 trillion in nearly totally unrestricted funds just for cities and states. There is one restriction — no money for policing.
  • It gives federal taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens — any illegal who wanders into the country.
  • Her bill allows ballot harvesting and revokes state-level ID laws.
  • She has funding in it for pot shops.
  • They want hundreds of millions for public broadcast and funding for local press retirement plans.
  • Policing of racial makeup of corporate boards is in the bill.
  • Endless climate change pork that won’t do a thing for climate change in our lifetimes or any likely.


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

The first stimulus was full of pork filled waste. No money should have gone for corporate welfare nor to the Ohio Democrat Party or one of the communist NBA teams. Sure the Democrats and communist NBA team returned it but why did they apply in the first place and what government fool gave it to them? Also, those whose incomes were not affected because they didn’t lose their jobs should not have gotten anything. And why weren’t small business owners who were forced to close and effectively lose their entire investments compensated as they should have been. That was no less than the government violating the 4th Amendment by taking their property without compensation. This whole affair has been criminally handled by bureaucrats and politicians.

Stealers Wheel
Stealers Wheel
3 years ago

Destroying small businesses is a feature and not a bug to the CPUSA. Needy people on the verge of being out on the street and hungry will come with hat in hand to mommygov for some crumbs that will be taken away right when it is most needed.
Only distorted lens TDS sufferers can’t see right through San Fran Nan.