President Gay Goes Around Harvard Erasing White Men from Walls


Christopher Rufo, writer at City Journal, teacher, and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, has taken on Claudine Gay, president of Harvard. Gay has worked for decades to establish a DEI empire and erase white men from walls and buildings.

Gay famously minimized Hamas’s terrorism before Congress and plagiarized her academic work on race. Her scholarship is driven by racialist ideology, which she has used to make Harvard the future Bud Light of universities.

Screengrab, Claudine Gay
Mr. Rufo explains that she has “quietly built a ‘diversity’ empire that influenced every facet of university life.

As Dean, she oversaw the university’s racially discriminatory admissions program against Asians and Whites. She promised to evade the Supreme Court ruling.

Rufo writes in City Journal that after George Floyd died, she commissioned a Task Force on Visual Culture and Signage. The following year, they issued a series of recommendations for engaging in the “historical reckoning with racial injustice.” It sounds like vengeance.

One of the recommendations was to get white men out of visual spaces. There were too many white men on the walls of Annenberg Hall, so they had to go. Why they were there didn’t matter. Only their race and gender mattered.

At the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, she implemented a “denaming” program of spaces she deemed racist. She claimed the “abhorrent” past that can’t be reconciled with the “current values.”

Since then, the university has grappled with renaming multiple buildings, including Winthrop House, named after John Winthrop, governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and his great-grandson and namesake, John Winthrop, a Harvard professor and president.

As president, Gay leads a sprawling DEI bureaucracy—officially, the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging—that seeks to influence how students speak, think, and behave in relation to race.


The university took down most DEI materials from its website after her Hamas debacle They merely brought them to ta temporary hiding place. We say that because the DEI empire still exists, as does extreme racism against Jewish students.

Rufo retrieved the documents: Harvard’s DEI administrators encourage students to internalize the basic narrative of critical race theory: America is a nation defined by “systemic racism,” “police brutality,” “white supremacist violence,” and the “weaponization of whiteness.” In another resource, students were invited to “unpack” their “white privilege” and “male privilege” and to consider their “white fragility,” which stems from “the privilege that accrues to white people living in a society that protects and insulates them from race-based stress.”

As the “scholar’s scholar,” which now only only requires the woman be Black, Gay published eleven papers, and five were plagiarized.

In her inaugural address, Gay noted she was there to disrupt the university’s nearly 400 years of whiteness. They can’t fire her because she’s Black and created their DEI empire. It threatens to take them down, but they believe they will weather it and emerge victors. No amount of money and no humiliation will stop them. That possibility is terrifying.

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Victor Anderson
Victor Anderson
2 months ago

EWER Fired, Gay.