President responds to Navy’s possible plan to take Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin


“The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin,” President Trump announced. “This case was handled very badly from the beginning,” Trump tweeted. “Get back to business!”

He is the Commander-in-Chief, and we imagine he gets the final say. We imagine the Navy knows that too.

Thank you, Mr. President!

The Trident pin is assigned exclusively to members of the U.S. Navy Seals. If they take his pin, they are kicking him out of the SEALs.


The attorney for Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday that the Navy is trying to humiliate his client by potentially taking away his SEAL Trident. The Navy is doing this as President Trump reaffirmed his support for the soldier.

“This is an action that they could have taken at any time from July right after the verdict, until today,” his lawyer Tim Parlatore said. “President Trump takes action on a Friday afternoon — Monday morning, the admiral [Adm. Collin Green] comes in and brings everybody together and says ‘I disagree with the president, we’re going to take his Trident.'”

It’s to publicly humiliate Gallagher and stick it to the President, he said. The pin is for those who stay in the SEALs. Taking the pin when Gallagher is retiring anyway is just to embarrass.


Petty Officer 1st Class Eddie Gallagher was acquitted of murder charges in July, but because he posed with the dead terrorists’ body, his rank was not restored. The President just restored Gallagher’s rank.

The Navy now wants to kick him out of the SEALs.

The top Navy SEAL, Rear Admiral Collin Green, will notify Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher and three officers that their case is being sent to a review board which could end in their expulsion from the SEALs.

“This is a review of their suitability to be a SEAL,” a Navy officer said. The action would come less than a week after Mr. Trump intervened in the military justice case and restored Eddie Gallagher’s rank.

General Dempsey weighed in last May. Dempsey was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2011 to 2015 under Barack Obama.



  1. The Navy needs to get a grip, and start cleaning up their own medals and uniforms. ENOUGH! Fire all the Pentagon brass, all branches of military.

  2. Trump the general is being insubordinate, before you fire him, use the military to prosecute him and put him in Leavenworth. The leftists keep breaking laws because they are never punished

  3. When you see Obama’s Gen Dempsey ‘weigh in’ with
    his well known ‘politically correct’ BS, you know that Trump made the precisely correct decision in this matter!

    Any WW2 vet, or VNam vet (me) undestands that war is not pretty, is very emotional, and not always sane(you have to be there to understand) . REMFers should BUTTTF out, salute Trump and carry on!!

    Dempsey and Green should throw their hat in with Schiff,
    and the demrats!

  4. The SECNAV should demand RAdm Green’s resignation for ignoring the clear signal the president sent when he pardoned Chief Gallagher. No punishment!

  5. Finally a President that stands up for the rank and file. It’s tough enough to wear the uniform and all that goes with it, but to have your brass who sit in their air conditioned offices mount a political campaign that is hellbent on destroying you for doing your job, that’s simply unsat. Thank you Mr. President for respecting the war fighters over the ‘Chair Force’ at the Pentagon. He earned that Trident, and those pukes in the Pentagon ought to remember that. And if I was the Commander that made the choice to try and take his Trident, I’d better be looking for the ‘incoming’ from his boss, it’s on it’s way.

    • You are right, Ad.Green is not so admirable. He probably got that from the forme Sec. Of Navy Mabus who couldn’t save us from Obama. He should be Court Martialed to a deck swabber.
      And all his cohorts who disobey the Commander in Chief.

  6. All retired flag offices remain subject to the UCMJ – and recall.

    Trump should recall both Dempsey & McRaven to active duty and promptly court martial them for insubordination.

    This country managed to go 248 years without any military officer ever advocating for the removal of an elected president (McRaven, NYT Editorial).

    THAT’S the bad and intolerable precedent being set General Snowflake!

  7. Trump needs to send the Admiral packing Odumbo fired amy high ranking officer that pissed him off.Trump is in his rights if he would fire this S.O.B.

  8. “Absence of Innocense”, really Gen. Dempsey Sir? With all due respect, citizens of the United States do not have to prove their innocence rather it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove individuals “GUILT”. Got that Sir? I believe, “with all due respect” that military leaders such as yourself pose the greatest threat to morale and therefore the effectiveness of our warriors to do their job. Pres. Trump should strip you of your stars and your pension. What’s good for the goose…you know the rest.

  9. Perhaps no one has ever made it clear to these officers that they will never rank a civilian elected President. Even Gen. Macarthur found that out.

  10. Absent evidence of guilt, Gallagher is innocent. This is still the United States of America and we still have a constitution that applies to everyone.

  11. If Gen. Dempsey and Admiral Green disagree with their Commander-in-Chief then they need to resign in protest. If they can not bring themselves to show their loyalty to their oath of office then they should be decommissioned, thrown out of the service and/or tried by the same law, the UCMJ, that they used to destroy Gallagher.

  12. Guys like General Dempsey are Obama sycophants who, when asked if they would fire on American citizens, said yes. The ones who said no were removed by Obama. Photos of soldiers or sailors taken with dead enemy are too numerous to count, going back in time, especially World Wars I and II and the Civil War. This pussification of American Military is not good. If the Admiral continues to pursue this, Trump should have a private conversation reminding the Admiral that he can be demoted in rank, kicked out of the military and have no pension. If the Admiral is stupid or a leftist, Trump should kick him out.

    US Navy Diver

  13. Trump to Admiral Asshole: You are fired for insubordination. You will be retired immediately.
    Civilian control of the military is what separates from banana republics.
    General Dempsey was a total political animal and one of the worst Chiefs ever. When Major Hassan killed all those soldiers at Ft Hood, his biggest worry was how it would effect the outreach program to Muslims. If I had been President then, he would have been fired two seconds after he made that statement.
    We have more three and four star billets today than we had in WWII. In WWII we had 90+ Army division and six Marine divisions and over 1200 ships (about 11 million personnel). Today we have 1.4 million in the Armed forces. The Navy has just under 300 commissioned ships, but is authorized 217 Admirals. What’s wrong with this picture?
    At least one third of the general officer billets need to go away. The people in the field will be dancing in the streets.

  14. I get it. Our president is probably shell-shocked after 3 years of continuous fighting and except for the last few days of his impeachment abortion he has had very little support from republicans he has helped get elected. Even they second guess him. I wish to God he would walk over to the Pentagon an address the staff with a warning and then clean house. A military that lacks respect for their CO and refuses to accept the chain of command needs to be fired. Any NCO could do their job and do it quite often in emergencies. Adm. Nimitz was asked once how he could run the fleet during WW2 and his answer was sincere. “I don’t run the fleet, my Chiefs do. I just give orders.” It’s time to put our military in capable hands and screw the politics.

  15. And this is the same Navy whom had an Admiral who shot himself to death because he was wearing medals he didn’t earn. I wonder how many of those phony SQUID ADMIRALS and flag officers are doing the same thing as I type?

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