President Slams Fox! “They Forgot the People Who Got Them There”


President Trump lashed out at Fox News this weekend, and while it’s not clear exactly why he did, it could have been any number of nasty reports Fox airs on the weekend.

Leland Vittert is one of the worst on the weekend. He’s unwatchable and Fox has even adopted a CNN-like format for some shows. It’s particularly concerning because the right is silenced or almost completely so throughout mainstream media and social media.


The French bar scene this weekend might have riled the President up and it’s not clear if Fox needed to air that. They do have a significant time delay.

Perhaps the President is just generally concerned since he can’t win with no media support.

The hiring of Donna Brazile and letting her spew lies and Trump hate on all their shows while banning Trump supporters like Seb Gorka during the day certainly is proof of shifting winds at Fox.

The Lachlan boys are in charge and they are very liberal/leftist. They might stop where they are or they might continue to keep moving left.

There are a lot of left-wing people at Fox News and many Ailes people have been booted out. There are still a lot of right-wing hosts, however.

It’s one thing if they want to be moderate and quite another if they are becoming CNN  or MSNBC who spread hate for the right 24/7.

There are a lot of liberals/leftists at Fox like Chris Wallace who said The Green New Deal is a “heck of a good idea,” and haters Shepherd Smith, and Arthel Neville.

In April 2019, Catholic League president Bill Donohue blasted Fox News, said Fox is morphing into CNN and MSNBC.

“This is not the same Fox News that is was under Roger Ailes,” Donohue said. “He would have never, ever have put up with this.”


This next story is on a different note, but along the same lines. Social media won’t even allow history. They recently shut down normal history channels because they talked about Adolf Hitler, not positively at all.

Facebook banned a photo which was used only for historical purposes. It shows the irony of KKK hatemongers enjoying a mostly child’s ride, a Ferris Wheel. It’s downright scary. We can’t show the photo because we plan to put this on Facebook, but you can view it HERE ON THIS LINK.

That news came to me in an email from Ken LaCorte, a former Fox News executive, who started his own neutral news service, LaCorte News. This is the email:

Facebook whitewashes the past

by Ken LaCorte

“I’ve been censored!”

It’s a complaint we hear frequently these days, and it’s often difficult to know who’s really being suppressed and who’s crying, victim.

It’s clearly getting worse, though. The above photo was taken down by Facebook, which also banned my personal account banned for a week for having posted it.

I’d upload the picture in 2017 on a Facebook page we run featuring historical images. The page is followed by over 270,000 people and people seem to enjoy seeing glimpses of the past.

This image tells a lot about our history and the popularity of the KKK in 1926, when the group had millions of members nationwide, including the governor of Colorado, where the picture was taken. [Democrats, by the way]

At first, I assumed it got caught up by computers banning anything related to the KKK, but despite my appeal to Facebook, the bans stand.

Facebook has the right to remove any content on its platform, but we’re entering a period where our interactions, which now heavily occur via Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like, are clamping down on “acceptable” speech.

Sometimes those clampdowns seem reasonable but instances like this should give us pause as to what the digital gatekeepers will allow, deny or even erase from history.

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