President Trump just shared this on Instagram


President Trump shared this meme on Instagram about 7:30 this evening and we thought we would share it with you. After about four years of a hoax investigation, President Trump appears ready to come out swinging. The only question we have is will the weak-willed Republicans come out fighting too?

We have a fighter in Ric Grenell who has delivered a briefcase of papers that might contain the smoking gun.

Like the Sentinel, James Woods doesn’t have faith in the Republicans.



  1. It’s sad to say, but President Trump shouldn’t expect too much in the way of help from the vast majority of those weak sisters in the gop Congress. There’s a tiny handful of of them who are in his corner, but the majority really aren’t any better than the dems.

    Unless the electorate votes in a truly Conservative Congress it’s going to be just like it was during the first two years of the Trump administration, cowardly gop members of Congress who are just as quick to vote against the President’s agenda as the Marxist Leftist dems.

  2. The Main Sewer Stream Fake Media are nothing but paid flunkies of the NWO and the elements within the USA that wish to destroy the Republic. The fact that supposedly intelligent people cannot discern this by the posturing on illegal immigration/sanctuary cities et al…No Borders = No Country and that abolishing the Electoral College is tantamount to destroying the Republic…No College = No Constitutional Republic…is truly alarming. When will the idiots realize that it is not Trump these people hate…but patriotism and nationalism…which he represents…and is standing in their way vis a vis world domination…which is just another misguided episode in the planets bloody history by another group who “BELIEVE” they know it all and can do a better job of screwing everyone…

  3. This is why we need term limits. Some of these republicans are definitely afraid of the press and their careers, more so then their constituents.

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