Progressive Dems plan an end to the filibuster to destroy the USA


Democrat communists/socialists, aka progressives, are framing the filibuster debate as a false choice between black voters and the filibuster.

Democrat leftists declare that HR 1 and HR 4, two bills that will destroy the electoral process in the United States, are important voting rights bills for black and brown people. The fact that, proportionately, more black and brown people vote than whites escapes their notice.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) put it like this recently: “I’m not going to say that you must get rid of the filibuster [entirely]. I would say you would do well to develop a Manchin-Sinema rule on getting around the filibuster as it relates to race and civil rights,” Politico reports.

Stacey Abrams has been pushing for this circumvention of the filibuster for bills tied to voting rights and civil rights. As a result, every big bill will be tied to voting rights and civil rights if Republicans go along with this.

The Left also plans to eliminate any Republican gerrymandering – just Republican.

La Raza Rosie’s son Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) claims “Mitch McConnell already partially eliminated the filibuster to install a right-wing Supreme Court, so he will not hesitate to completely remove that rule when back in power and the consequences would be severe.” (McConnell, to be fair, has said the opposite and resisted pressure to do this as leader.)

That’s a red herring.

The truth is that Harry Reid destroyed the filibuster for judges. As a result, Mitch McConnell extended it to Justices. The filibuster for BILLS was NEVER abandoned.

Politico writers say:

The spotlight is squarely on Senate Majority Leader CHUCK SCHUMER, who not only has the Senate to run, but also has a potential primary in 2022 to sweat. Progressives are itching for him to move now, though it’s probably too early: Democrats may need to show a pattern of Republican obstructionism before they move to eliminate the filibuster or set it aside situationally.

But the moment is coming, probably sooner than later.

This is why Donald Trump wanted Republicans to do it first. He saw the danger and wanted to avoid this point in time.

Everything is reduced to race because they know they can do anything they want if they threaten people with racist labels.

Democrat progressives plan to take full control of the government — probably sooner than later. They destroy everything they touch and they will destroy the United States.


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