Progressive Rep. James Clyburn Pushes Democrat Control of Elections


Democrats are doing their level best to force through a voting system they control and which will guarantee their permanent control of the government. They will no longer negotiate or compromise for a reason. Their path is more direct and completely undemocratic.

Patience to control it all has worn thin in Democrat Party precincts. They see their chance to grab all the power now.

Why do we need bills that nationalize elections and put power in Democrat bureaucrat’s hands? Democrats will tell you because Republicans won’t let black, brown, and college-age people vote. Where are these people and why aren’t they suing? Why is it that more of the electorate is voting than ever before and more minorities vote than whites proportionate to their population?

The Big Lie is that Republicans are keeping people from voting.

Clyburn is still living in 1965 as you can see in the clip below. Ironically, he complains of laws being passed to secure the vote and yet had no problem with laws changed at the last minute in 2020 in swing states to favor Joe Biden.

Clyburn thinks it’s a felony to give water to someone on line to vote. That lie won’t die with people like Clyburn blathering.


Communist Clyburn

Clyburn is a progressive, aka a communist democrat, who greatly admired and aligned with Fidel Castro.

In May 2000, Clyburn visited Castro with a group that included Reps. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), now co-chair of the J6 witch hunt committee, and Greg Meeks (D-N.Y.).

Thompson reportedly described huge areas in his district where there were allegedly no doctors, and Castro responded with an offer of full scholarships for U.S. citizens to study at Cuba’s main medical school, Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina (ELAM).

According to The Hill, “Clyburn praised Castro for his ‘great sense of history and a great sense of self.’ He added the Cuban leader was ‘very reflective’ and ‘a policy wonk’”—but perhaps forgot to add “communist dictator” and “mass murderer.”

Later that year, Castro spoke at the far-left Riverside Church in New York, reiterating his offer of places for U.S. students who would pledge to practice in poor U.S. communities on completion of their studies. Castro opened the doors of the program to 500 U.S. students, who began enrolling in the spring of 2001.

Writing in the Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma on April 7, 2009, Castro gave his own version of the caucus delegation’s visit:

“In May 2000, another Caucus delegation visited us. It was presided over by the then Caucus President James Clyburn and was made up of Bennie Thompson from Mississippi and Gregory Meeks from New York. These congressmen were the first to learn from me of Cuba’s disposition to grant a number of scholarships to low-income youths, to be selected by the Congressional Black Caucus so that they could come to Cuba and study medicine.

“When the anti-Cuban pressures and activities of the Bush administration were intensified with respect to travel and the presence in Cuba of persons under U.S. jurisdiction, Black Caucus legislators addressed Secretary of State Colin Powell and managed to secure a license that legally allowed American youths to continue their medical studies—which they had already begun—in Cuba.”

U.S. legislators pressured the then-Republican secretary of state to allow a hostile foreign dictator an opportunity to indoctrinate young Americans against their own country.

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