MSM pushes the abolition of voter ID, lies about HR1/S1


Voter ID laws do NOT deprive anyone of voting rights and certainly not minorities who are all capable of obtaining — and do have — voter ID.

However, the left is still using that ruse to trick people into supporting the abolition of all voter ID laws. In fact, not securing the ballot guarantees fraud and the loss of voting rights of all legitimate American voters.

Mail-in voting without voter ID guarantees the stuffing of ballot boxes.

The mainstream media is supporting this fraud by supporting HR1/S1. We don’t want to repeat what the law does with every article, but you can read the quick list on this link. Better yet, read the bill yourself. It destroys the United States of America.

We fought a Revolution for a lot less.


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1 year ago

Without proof of Citizenship, a Government ID and then some, an election is invalid. Right now Georgia is dealing with almost 20,000 Ballots, almost all for Traitor Joe. which have No Chain of Custody. This is what we will get with HR1/S1 for every election. The Party who cheats the most wins. Remember, Traitor Joe only won in Georgia by 12,000 votes and now almost 20,000 appear to be fraudulent. The Senate wins in Georgia were even less. This is why Democrats are trying to push everything they can through Congress by any means possible. They know the manure truck is about to be hit by a hurricane!

1 year ago

The hypocrisy, double satndards are insane, when it comes to covid jabs some states require ID, here is Washington States requirement……………..Driver’s license or work/school ID, Letter with your address,Utility bill,Statement/letter with a Washington state address , or Voucher from an employer, faith-based institution, health care provider, school, or other registered organization or agency, etc. that the person lives or works in Washington state………………..but you don’t need an ID to vote ????????????????

Wombat Waffler
Wombat Waffler
1 year ago

This just in from 1964-that poor downtrodden hordes being held down capitalist pig oppressors has a shelf life.
If voting with an ID is racist then so is everything else that requires an ID.
The list is nearly endless and a lot of it is due to mommygov.
Remember the Mittens/Sobama debate where the 1985 called and said your strategy is out of date quote was used?
All tactics are two way street use.