Progressives Could Turn the US Into South Africa


Marxist-Leninist Julius Malema is gaining power in South Africa, which is not good. His party currently has about 13% of the vote, with key elections taking place this year. There are some parallels in the changing United States.

Julius Malema, leader of the EFF party, represents a large portion of the population in South Africa and spends most of his time spreading anti-white hate and calling for genocide much of the time.

He is gaining in popularity, but as Robby Starbuck says in the clip below, the Left gets angry if you tell the truth about this issue.

“Don’t be afraid to kill. Revolution demands that at some point there must be killing because the killing is part of a revolutionary act,” Julius Malema said at one of his many rallies.

He said he isn’t calling for genocide now, but he might at some future date.

“At some future date, we may call for the slaughter of white people,” he has said repeatedly.

The Left treats this the way they treat everything. For example, if you take Iran seriously when they chant, “Death to America,” they will call you a fool or worse.

The real tragedy is this will be the United States if Progressive Democrats have their way. They are filling up the country with non-white people and telling them, through Project 1619, DEI and CRT, that white people are racist and evil.

It won’t end well.

The UN Role

We refer to the World Economic Forum quite a bit. But the real mover and shaker at the center of this worldwide movement towards a new world order with open borders is the UN.

Remember that their plan, announced in a 2001 document, is to have 600 million people in the United States. If that happens, and with open borders, it certainly is possible Americans will be replaced. Most people in the world are not white, and these progressives insist on making everything about race. Progressives are very racist. Out of about 8 billion people on Earth, about 745 million are white, non-mixed.

The UN plan is even called “Replacement Migration.”

The UN is doing a lot to help push illegal crossers into the United States.

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1 month ago


1 month ago

I saw an article where Hollywood actor Ian Ziering was attacked and beaten by typical thugs that ride wild on the streets on motor bikes and 4 wheelers. Most cities have them, even though the media tries to ignore them. Poor Ian. Now Hollywood gets a taste of the liberalism they support. Not so insulated from the crime now are they? I wonder if Ian woke up a little more conservative this morning?

1 month ago

I’ve been saying this for a long time. People have called me racist but I don’t care. I’m right. Twenty some years back, I worked with a guy whose white female relative was going to college there. One day outside of class in the afternoon, she saw a McDonalds down the road and asked her classmates if they wanted to go there to get something to eat. They said, NO, you will get raped. That is the savagery that exists in these people. Not all but many and you don’t know which ones. Fast forward to my old neighborhood in Philly. White flight began because real estate agents started block busting to encourage whites to move out. It worked. At first, the black families that moved in were nice but once blacks started to gain the majority, that’s when the neighborhood went to hell. Its a common theme throughout the country. Once minorities, not just blacks, but all others included, become the majority, all hell will break loose and whites will be on the short end of the stick. Its already happened in almost every big city around America. This is a war to save our country and people better wake the hell up and realize it, especially these left wing dopes who believe “we are all the same”. We are not…