Project Veritas Board Members Who Ousted James O’Keefe


As most have undoubtedly heard by now, James O’Keefe was forced out of the company he founded and led. The Board arranged the coup based on their alleged belief that he spent too much money on black vans, staff parties, and stole a pregnant woman’s sandwich. He is also accused of being a mean boss.

According to tax-exemption filings with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from 2019, Matthew Tyrmand is listed as a director of Project Veritas, along with Colin Sharkey and John K. Garvey. George Skakel was identified by Intelligencer as another long-serving board member. He is listed as a director on filings for an allied organization, Project Veritas Action. Joseph Barton is as well.

Matthew Tyrmand is a director on the Project Veritas board. During Monday’s board meeting, he made a series of allegations about James O’Keefe’s conduct. The board spent six hours ripping O’Keefe apart.

Daniel Strack is the Executive Director, and he is a liar, as we now know from his tweets, especially the one with a photo of O’Keefe with Robert Kennedy. Strack claimed that O’Keefe had to take a much-deserved vacation when in fact, O’Keefe was stripped of his title and duties.

Tom O’Hara is the COO of Veritas and Barry Hinckley is the chief strategy officer. O’Keefe fired both and they were immediately rehired by the Board.

Michael Swartz of Old Row gear providers says Tyrmand is the ringleader.

Swartz recently commented on one of the expenses:

Conservative political strategist Alex Bruesewitz also said Tyrmand is the coup’s leader. Bruesewitz said Tyrmand is a DeSantis ally. We don’t know if this is accurate.

Tyrmand doesn’t like Donald Trump. Speaking on the Patriot Talk Show at a Florida’s Voice panel on February 7, Tyrmand said Trump “does not belong in this [2024 presidential] race,” accusing Donald of “flailing around” and showing “total clown behavior.”

Followers on Twitter have started to flee Project Veritas, and at the same time, James O’Keefe is picking up followers.

James O’Keefe has 1.326,000+ followers, up from 1.1 million. Project Veritas has gone from over 1.4 million to 1.212 million as of 1 pm.

This is one of the emails sent around by a board member to encourage board members to go along with the firing of James O’Keefe.

I don’t know if it’s fair to call it a cult of personality when the person in charge is the founder, the creator, the fundraiser, and the face of the organization. No one knows these board members.

O’Keefe also didn’t appear to get due process.

The Gateway Pundit said there is a board meeting today. Three people speaking to the outlet said that journalists might walk. In an update, Jim Hoft, creator of the Pundit, said the walkout might not happen.

ChatCPT Got Involved

Write a poem about James O’Keefe stealing a sandwich.

In a cafe with tables and chairs, James O’Keefe, the man, appears. A sandwich on the counter lay, Waiting for someone to pay.

But James, with a sly grin, Saw the sandwich and dove right in. He stole it, without a care, And quickly vanished into the air.

The sandwich owner looked around, But James was nowhere to be found. He had taken it, oh so sly, And left the owner wondering why.

With a sandwich in his hand, James sauntered down the street so grand. He took a bite and smiled wide, Enjoying his sandwich, he didn’t hide.

But little did he know, That his theft would start to show. The world would soon take note, Of James and his sandwich, a footnote.

For in the end, it was clear, That James O’Keefe had nothing to fear. He may have stolen that sandwich, it’s true, But in the grand scheme of things, it was a mere issue


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