Project Veritas Staff Begs James O’Keefe to Return


The Project Veritas staff sent out a new message to the public saying they will never replace James O’Keefe and will always hold open the door for him. They plan to keep true to his mission. This is after they publicly humiliated him. It’s also after they sent out a ‘letter pleading with donors to keep donating.

Taking James O’Keefe away from Project Veritas is like taking Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Roughly 300,000 unfollowed Project Veritas, and James O’Keefe gained about 300,000 followers.

Listen to the message and see what you think. They want you to believe them.

“We, the staff at Project Veritas, are at a crossroads,” the video begins. “High-level disputes between our leader and founder, James O’Keefe, and the volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible for oversight of the nonprofit have resulted in James no longer being here.”

“James is not only the founder of Project Veritas but the creative visionary of our mission. This devastated us and the audience we exist for,” the video continued. “James hasn’t resigned, nor was he fired. These events confuse, and they hurt us — leaving all of us in a state of limbo.”

“So, we have a choice to make. We want James back, but we have a duty to our generous supporters, to all of you, and to our journalistic integrity to break record stories which impact our culture, and most importantly, the future of our country,” the video states. “The board may have their obligations, but we are Project Veritas. James assembled this team of over sixty individuals who have bonded together in a common mission to expose waste, fraud, and abuse.”

The whistleblowers appear to stand with James O’Keefe.

Looks like he’s bouncing back.

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