Racist Cow Gets a Name Change


A man named David Blake, who attended the Wisconsin State Fair earlier this week, was “taken aback” after he noticed that a prize-winning cow had a name so offensive that he claimed it was “on the same level” as the N-word.

“We’re walking through the dairy barn, enjoying ourselves, and came across the nameplate and was kind of taken aback,” Blake recalled.

“It’s one of those words, one of those few words that should be totally off limits,” he continued. “I mean, there’s a big one that we all know, and I think it’s on the same level.”

He took a photo of the racist cow and posted it to social media, saying, “Shame of the state fair.”

Vaun Mayes, who describes himself as “Milwaukee’s Malcolm X,” then shared the image on Facebook. “Ummmm Wisconsin State Fair this s*** has to come down. ASAP. Quit playing in our face. We KNOW this term is derogatory,” he wrote in the message.

Fair organizers said they don’t “tolerate or condone this behavior.”

They dumped the racist cow.

The family who owns the cow also issued an apology. “We want to extend our sincere apologies to the Black community, the Wisconsin State Fair, and fellow dairy farmers about the racially insensitive term we used to name one of our cows,” the statement released on Friday said. “We now recognize that the use of this word is unacceptable and harmful. Immediately upon learning the meaning of this term, we changed the cow’s name [to puzzle]. We are committed to educating ourselves further.”

Robert Griffin III used the world by accident last year on ESPN’s NFL pre-game show. He meant to say bug-a-boos.

The cows name was J*gg*b**.

I guess they thought it was cute. I believe this is the first racist cow we’ve seen.

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