Radical House Dem demands vetting of military social media accounts


Far-left Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier demands the Biden administration vet social media accounts of military recruits and service members for possible links to extremist groups. She also wants to target all white peoples’ and Republicans’ backs by declaring white supremacy a national security threat. Since quite a few Democrats see all white people as racists and supremacists, this is a problem.

Never let a good crisis go to waste!

The Story

Rep. Jackie Speier of California urged President Joe Biden in a letter to issue an executive order that would ensure that security clearances for federal employees, and military troops, in particular, include a review of social media posts for any ties to white supremacists or similar violent extremists.

“Perhaps most importantly, DoD and the U.S. Government at large are not effectively screening service members and other individuals with sensitive roles for white-supremacist and violent-extremist ties,” she wrote in the letter.

She’s worried about the far-right. How does she define far-right?

“This gap is inexcusable,” she added. “Social media is not viewed during the military’s accessions process or even as part of the background investigations process for security clearances.”

Speier wrote she was “increasingly alarmed” by the connections between military personnel and violent extremists and that the current approach by the Pentagon and the federal government was “insufficient to the threat from extremist movements.”

Because they found some police and military among the mob at the Capitol on January 6th, she paints all police and military with the same brush.

Left-Wing Loyalists

Speier sits on the House Armed Services Committee and probably only wants military loyal to the Left. She regularly paints innocent people on the Right as terrorists.

When Barack Obama came into power, he filled up agencies with loyalists. Now we might see that happening to the military. It certainly will silence them.

Rep. Jackie Speier compared access to contraception to the Boko Haram kidnappings. She is the one who famously said that the Taliban are “not necessarily terrorists.”

She said in 2014 that the CIA should apologize to Islamic terrorists for the agency’s response to 9/11.

Who will decide what a right-wing extremist is? Jackie?

Speier, who lives in the city of poop maps, wanted all of Trump’s rallies canceled during coronavirus. She believes all female accusers without evidence or due process.

How does she define “extremist” and “white supremacist?” She also wants white supremacy declared a national security emergency, not Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Democrats rejected the idea of vetting immigrants’ social media accounts, but Americans who want to serve their country are fair game.

It’s not Antifa or BLM. It’s white supremacy!


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