Radical Marxist Warnock Wins Over Herschel Walker- Responses


Sen. Raphael Warnock (D), a radical Marxist, was projected to win Georgia’s Senate runoff on Tuesday, sending him to the upper chamber for a full term and handing his party a crucial extra seat in the majority.

The Associated Press called the race at 10:26 p.m. ET.

Georgia gets a Communist, and Chuck Schumer can pass much of his far-left agenda.


Political scientist Daniel Drache offered his opinion.

“This is a squeaker that could have gone to either candidate. In the end, Sen.Raphael Warnock won by a dog’s hair. For many, it is a foretaste of the extremism that will intensify and dominate American politics for the rest of Biden’s term. The high turnout reflects the fact that many regarded this runoff election as a mini referendum on Trump and his candidate Herschel Walker. What you can see in highly polarized settings such as Georgia, the centrist-minded voting bloc is bled off to the left and to the right, but not in equal proportions. Wooing the independent voter becomes the game changer from a structural point of view.”

Kimberly Klacik: Warnock wins by a hair. About a 25k vote difference. Democrats got more people out to vote. I am certain republicans will be looking for a new chair for the RNC. Hopefully, we will finally get a leader that will take the urban areas seriously.

Nick Adams said Raphael Warnock had a $100 million fundraising advantage against Herschel Walker; it’s a miracle he almost lost. This is on Republican leadership for not adequately funding Walker’s efforts.

Robby Starbuck: Yes, Warnock and Fetterman are awful, but D’s turnout rabid to vote. Some soft R’s and independents won’t if they dislike a bad candidate. That’s the truth. Not a matter of who’s objectively better to you and I. It’s a matter of who turns people out and wins independents.

George Papadopoulos: Georgia race spending 2022: Hershel Walker: $149 million Raphael Warnock: $248 million This is once again a failure of GOP “leadership.” Another winnable race without the resources to get over the finish line!

According to the NRSC, Liberals across the country are desperately trying to push Raphael Warnock across the finish line. From October 20 through November 16, a whopping 96% of contributions to Warnock’s campaign came from outside the state of Georgia. Warnock raised 21% of his campaign cash from California and New York alone, compared to only 5% from Georgia.

Erick Erickson:

The remarkable closeness of the runoff had everything to do with Mitch McConnell sinking $11 million into the runoff and Brian Kemp keeping his ground game going. Kemp was able to boost GOP turnout, but it was not enough.

In Georgia, Warnock spent the campaign tying Walker to Trump, including running an ad that had nothing but Trump talking up Walker with the text under Trump speaking: TO STOP TRUMP / DEFEAT WALKER. They ran that ad everywhere.

Senator Cruz said before the Warnock win:
On December 2, Senator Cruz strongly urged Republicans to come out and vote for Herschel; if they don’t, the outcome would devastate the US.

“So, the difference is massive…Well, if the Democrat wins, if Raphael Warnock wins, it will give the Democrats a 51-vote majority. That will mean the Democrats have a majority on every single committee in the Senate. What does that mean? That means every single committee in the Senate will be able to issue subpoenas — will be able to use subpoenas to harass conservatives, to harass Republicans, to attack their enemies. If Herschel Walker wins, the Senate is evenly divided, which means every committee is evenly divided. That means the Democrats can’t issue subpoenas. They can’t use the power of subpoena power to attack their enemies.”

“What else does it mean? Chuck Schumer has said if they have a 51-vote majority, they’ll be able to expedite their radical and dangerous agenda. They’ll be able to move it much, much faster. With a 50-50 Senate, it slows them down enormously. What else does it mean? I think with a 51-vote majority, the odds that the Democrats end the filibuster skyrocket. This last Congress, two Democrats stood up and said no, Joe Manchin and Kirsten Synema. I always thought it was Synema that had the real guts and was holding the line. And I think if Manchin…”

Then came the worst of it:

“If it’s only a one-vote margin, I think Schumer will get Manchin to role. And if that happens, if they end the filibuster, it means the Democrats, when they have a majority, will be able to do things like federalize all elections, strike down all election integrity laws, legalize every illegal alien in America, make the District of Columbia a state to elect two more Democrat senators, and pack the U.S. Supreme Court with four new left-wing justices to take away your constitutional rights. All of those are on the ballot in Georgia. So, I think it is incredibly, incredibly important to come out, support Herschel Walker, and vote in the Georgia runoff if you’re in Georgia.”


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