Raimondo’s fine with raising taxes on middle class for climate agenda


Joe Biden’s Commerce Secretary nominee, the inept Gina Raimondo said Tuesday that while she understands the impact of raising taxes on the middle class, they “need funds” to pay for Biden’s climate plan.

Florida Senator Rick Scott asked Raimondo how they plan to pay for the Biden administration’s transportation climate initiative.

“The document I signed – by the way it was bipartisan, Republican and Democratic governors – was an intention to work together with our legislators to develop a transportation climate initiative, so it’s very early in that process,” Raimondo responded.


That’s another broken China Joe promise. Of course, we knew he would raise taxes on the middle class for his communist agenda. Cutting Trump’s taxes alone would do that. Unfortunately, with a corrupt media calling that a conspiracy theory, most Americans did not know. They’re too trusting.

They still don’t know that progressives are communists and socialists and Biden will do whatever they want.

Susan Rice appears to be running the show, which means it’s Barack Obama in charge. Biden’s hardly capable of doing more than reading off a teleprompter.

These lunatics are going for it — all the power, all our wealth, to fund their bad policies and faux science initiatives.

What do you think the equity mantra is about? It’s Marxist and it’s to redistribute all wealth. It’s reparations endlessly everywhere.

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