Read Biden’s Lips on Tanks, Weapons on Planes: World War III


The White House had pledged not to go to tanks, heavier weapons on planes and trains to Ukraine. Biden made it clear that it would lead to World War III. Yet, he now plans to send 31 M1 Abrams tanks and heavier weapons to Ukraine as he ramps up artillery production.

The Department of Defense reportedly plans to undergo its most “aggressive modernization effort” in nearly 40 years, according to an army report seen by the New York Times, as the Pentagon aims to boost weapons production for Ukraine. (see the clip below.)

They’re increasing artillery production sixfold.

It sounds like a hot war with Russia, a nuclear nation, while our leaders are the same people who destroyed Afghanistan.

The effort will apparently include the expansion of factories and the engagement of new producers in order to achieve a 500% boost in artillery shell production within two years.

Two years? Where will the money come from?

They even have a fifteen-year artillery production modernization plan.

It’s noted that such a move would push conventional ammunition production to levels not seen since the Korean War in the early 1950s.

The latest report is Ukrainians are going to take Crimea back. Russia said that would mean nuclear war.

Read my lips, “World War III.”

Russia is planning a massive offensive to end the war in Ukraine. It doesn’t sound like the tanks will come in time.


Kirby, as reliable a spokesperson as Karine Jean-Pierre explained the change, if you can even explain a push toward World War III:

“We have been, from the beginning of this war now 11 months ago, have been evolving the capabilities we’re providing with Ukraine, with the conditions on the ground,” Kirby told a press briefing shortly after US President Joe Biden announced he would dispatch 31 tanks to Kiev, as US tax dollars are assigned to artillery production over the next 15 years without American citizens having any say..

“What’s changed… are the conditions on the ground and the kinds of fighting that the Russians are doing right now, and the kinds of fighting, more importantly, that we believe the Ukrainians are going to need to be capable of in the weeks and months ahead, well into 2023,” Kirby went on, apparently referring to an anticipated offensive by Ukrainian forces.

The tanks themselves will not get transferred to Ukraine at once, he noted, adding that they will make it into the country in “many months.” At the same time, the training of Ukrainian crews to operate the 62-ton behemoths is set to begin shortly.

Russia is closing in on Ukrainian forces from the North, South and East.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

We also destroyed Libya and Egypt.

Tank shipments ensure a big escalation. I hope Russia destroys them on arrival.

We lost control of our country. They are bleeding us dry, They will spend to further globalist leftist causes and drain our savings. People are unaware of the extreme nature of events. We were taught when young to not be followers of evil on this Earth.

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
2 months ago

At some geographical point Russia moves from acquisition to retention. The more frantic the west gets, the closer I assume Russia is to that objective.

2 months ago

The West is planning on training “tank crews” on the various tanks. To work in a war theater tanks crews are trained on the tank itself, but then also to work as a company and then as battalions. Clearly the training isn’t intended to be combat effective. Along with that training, someone needs to be trained on the logistics of company wide battalions. All this takes literally years of training to be effective.

2 months ago

Maybe we can get Ukraine to come to our aid when we are attacked and have no ready military or weapons to defend the country? Surely after giving them Billions in money and weapons and other resources they would help us out?

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

When Ukraine is enslaved like Afghanistan who will be Biden’s next target?