UK Drops Mandatory Booster for Healthy People, Under 50


The UK is coming out with its 7th and 8th coronavirus boosters. The boosters’ effectiveness only lasts 2-3 months and might not work for XBB 1.5. However, the UK just made a dramatic change. They will officially no longer require healthy people under age 50 to receive coronavirus boosters.

They are phasing out the universal COVID vaccine program.

By way of comparison, Biden’s administration continues to push Covid shots for the entire population.

The UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) recently warned that an emergency vaccine response might be required if a new variant with “clinically significant biological differences” emerges in the future. However, the committee has concluded that none of the predominant strains, namely, the Kraken and Orthrus, warrant such an emergency rollout.

The first booster campaign will be closed to people under 50 beginning on February 12th.

The JCVI’s recommendations come as the transition continues from a pandemic emergency response to a pandemic recovery.

However, the Food and Drug Administration is seeking to normalize Covid shots for the U.S. population as an annual routine, even for healthy children and young adults.

Interestingly, Dr. Panda said vaccines have never significantly contributed to ending pandemics, and he provided the data.

Even with this pandemic, when the vaccines launched, hospitalizations and deaths were already on their way down.

“Historically, vaccines have not played a significant role in ending pandemics. Most pandemics, such as the 1918 Spanish flu, have run their course and eventually died out on their own. This is because pandemics typically affect a large portion of the population, and as more and more people become infected and recover, they develop immunity to the virus, reducing the number of new infections. This natural process, known as herd immunity, can help to slow the spread of the virus and eventually bring the pandemic to an end.”

H1N1 – The Spanish Flu Pandemic – began in the spring of 1918 and ended in the summer of 1919. No Vaccine.

H2N2 – The Asian Flu – began in the winter of 1957 and ended by 1958. 5.4 million of vaccine were released in September 1957 by November 40 Million doses were distributed for a population of 167 Million.

H3N2 – The Hong Kong Flu – began in July 1968 and ended in early 1970. 15 million vaccine doses by the pandemic peak in 1969 for a population of 200 Million.

H1N1 – Swine Flu – Began in April 2009 and ended by August 2010. 80 million doses of vaccine distributed and 65 million people vaccinated for a population of 6.8 billion.

Something else that should be considered with the next virus vaccine program.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

It is time to recognize mandates as ineffective measures against diseases, but a totalitarian means to control people.
Is it correct that China is about as mandates as any country in the world? Is it true that the pandemic is still out of control in China?