Read Hunter’s million dollar contract with China’s spy chief


Hunter Biden was hired as an attorney for China’s spy chief, Patrick Ho. The former vice president’s son’s lucrative contract was to provide “counsel to matters related to U.S. law and advice pertaining to the hiring and legal analysis of any U.S. Law Firm of Lawyer.”

The contract called for a million-dollar retainer with lots more to come.

My question is how can the FBI allow Joe Biden to continue as a candidate for president? How does this not strongly suggest Joe Biden as president would be very compromised and possibly blackmailed?

He is a national security threat.

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Utopia Is Banished
Utopia Is Banished
3 years ago

He’s a ho. I love that San Fran newscaster who fell for the fake names of air crew in the plane crash and read them over the air.
Sum ting Wong, Ho Li Fuk, Wi Tu Low, bwahaha!
The comrades be all smart with their Marxist U. brains and destined to rule over deplorable kulak untermenschen as they build the utopia.